$5,000 Secret Sound

The $5,000 Secret Sound is on 99.7 NOW!!

Guess the Secret Sound and you can win up to $5,000 every weekday on 99.7 NOW!


How To Play:

  1. 1. Listen & Play with Fernando & Greg at: 7:40a and 9:40a

2. Listen & Play with ShanBerries at: 11:40a

3. Listen & Play with St. John at: 3:40p, 4:40p, 5:40p and 6:40p.


*St. John will play back all the daily guesses at approximately 6:50pm.

The jackpot starts at $1,000 and goes up by $100 for every incorrect guess.

Jackpot maxes out at $5,000!!!

**Please note- Due to the POPTOPIA Announcement happening on Monday 9/24, Secret Sound will be played at 8:40am instead of 7:40am.



Congratulations to Monica from Concord.
She guessed our first Secret Sound correctly and won $2,500!

Secret Sound #1 = Opening A DVD Case


Veggie Slicer
Tennis Racket Hitting a Tennis Ball
Pepper Crusher
Opening Advent Calendar
Popcorn Popping
Popping a cap off a beer bottle
A Cassette Tape being put into a cassette player
Inserting a DVD into a DVD player and ejecting it
Nutcracker cracking a walnut
A stack of DVD’s




Congrats to Kris Lynn from Brentwood
She correctly identified Secret Sound #2 coreectly and won $4,500!

Secret Sound #2: Cutting an Onion


Opening a bag of pretzels
Bag of rubberbands being opened
Palm branch breaking
Majong Tablets
Biting into a stack of Pringles
Getting crushed ice from freezer
Bird biting a cuttlefish bone
Driving over gravel
Opening a newspaper
Tearing the wrapper off a Fiji water bottle
Potato chips being crushed
Candy coming out of candy dispenser
Looking for sea glass
Ripping velcro off a jacket
Ceiling texture
Crumpling aluminum foil
Shuffling playing cards
Removing the cuff of a blood pressure machine
Crumpling up a newspaper
Birdcage skirt package being torn open
Plastic water bottle being crumpled
Breaking celery
Crunching tortilla chips
Opening a mesh bag of California avocados
Squirting mustard out of the bottle
Someone chewing seeds
Opening a bag of sour patch rings
Opening a bag of Funyuns
Biting into an onion
Smashing Glass
Eating an onion ring



Take a listen to Secret Sound #3

Car going into reverse
Crushing an aluminum can
Bamboo coming down
Flipping book pages
Coffee Grinder
Idle Car Engine
Vacuum cleaner
Bird pecking driftwood
An alligator running
A Drum
A jammed paper shredder
Starting a small boat
Redwood trees being cut down by a chainsaw
Flying a kite
A dog shaking water off of itself

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