$5,000 Secret Sound

The $5,000 Secret Sound is on 99.7 NOW!!

Guess the Secret Sound and you can win up to $5,000 every weekday on 99.7 NOW!


How To Play:

1. Listen & Play with Fernando & Greg at: 7:40a and 9:40a

2. Listen & Play with ShanBerries at: 11:40a

3. Listen & Play with St. John at: 3:40p, 4:40p, 5:40p and 6:40p.


*St. John will play back all the daily guesses at approximately 6:50pm.

The jackpot starts at $1,000 and goes up by $100 for every incorrect guess.

Jackpot maxes out at $5,000!!!


This contest is official over. Congrats to all of our lucky winners!!



Congrats to Seneschel from Oakland!
She correctly identified the Secret Sound and won $1,900.

Secret Sound #8 = Putting a magent on a refrigerator

Taking the cover off of a microscope
Light saber from Star Wars
Shooting a NERF blaster
Hanging up a telephone
Coin Press
Closing a cupboard
Guitar pick
Opening a guitar case



Congrats top Leandre from Hayward
He correctly identified the Secret Sound and won $1,800

Secret Sound #7= Taking batteries out of a remote and putting new ones in

A microscope
Copy Machine
Opening a contact box
Opening & Closing a stapler
Peeling a carrot
Opening a can of Pringles
Opening a can of paint




Congrats to Olga from San Jose!
She correctly identified the Secret Sound and won $3,900!

Secret Sound # 6= Breaking ONE Chopstick

A Deck of cards
Tic Tacs
Cracking an egg
Throwing glitter on the floor
Shaking a pair of dice
Breaking a pencil
Fliiping pages of a book
Winding a watch
Breaking chopsticks
Stacking poker chips
Breaking a Twix bar
Masking tape
Duct tape
Striking a match
Flicking a lighter
Pepper grinder
Separating velcro
Opening a package of chopsticks
Breaking chopsticks in two to make one
Breaking spaghetti sticks
Separating chopsticks
Breaking two chopsticks in half
Breaking romaine lettuce
Breaking apart two chopsticks to make one



Congrats to Janet from Antioch
She correctly identified the Secret Sound and won $1,500

Secret Sound #5 = Pulling a tissue out of the box

Paper bag
Bag of white rice
Freezer door
Blowing air




Congrats to Calah from El Sobrante
She correctly identified the Secret Sound and won $1,100

Secret Sound #4= Opening a can

Turning pages of a book



Congrats to Junie from San Jose
She correctly identified Secret Sound #3 correctly and won $2,900!

Secret Sound #3= Retractable Dog Leash

Car going into reverse
Crushing an aluminum can
Bamboo coming down
Flipping book pages
Coffee Grinder
Idle Car Engine
Vacuum cleaner
Bird pecking driftwood
An alligator running
A Drum
A jammed paper shredder
Starting a small boat
Redwood trees being cut down by a chainsaw
Flying a kite
A dog shaking water off of itself



Congrats to Kris Lynn from Brentwood
She correctly identified Secret Sound #2 correctly and won $4,500!

Secret Sound #2: Cutting an Onion

Opening a bag of pretzels
Bag of rubberbands being opened
Palm branch breaking
Majong Tablets
Biting into a stack of Pringles
Getting crushed ice from freezer
Bird biting a cuttlefish bone
Driving over gravel
Opening a newspaper
Tearing the wrapper off a Fiji water bottle
Potato chips being crushed
Candy coming out of candy dispenser
Looking for sea glass
Ripping velcro off a jacket
Ceiling texture
Crumpling aluminum foil
Shuffling playing cards
Removing the cuff of a blood pressure machine
Crumpling up a newspaper
Birdcage skirt package being torn open
Plastic water bottle being crumpled
Breaking celery
Crunching tortilla chips
Opening a mesh bag of California avocados
Squirting mustard out of the bottle
Someone chewing seeds
Opening a bag of sour patch rings
Opening a bag of Funyuns
Biting into an onion
Smashing Glass
Eating an onion ring


Congratulations to Monica from Concord.
She guessed our first Secret Sound correctly and won $2,500!

Secret Sound #1 = Opening A DVD Case


Veggie Slicer
Tennis Racket Hitting a Tennis Ball
Pepper Crusher
Opening Advent Calendar
Popcorn Popping
Popping a cap off a beer bottle
A Cassette Tape being put into a cassette player
Inserting a DVD into a DVD player and ejecting it
Nutcracker cracking a walnut
A stack of DVD’s







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