Thank You for letting 99.7 NOW! Pay Your Bills!

This contest has officially ended.

Thank you to all of our awesome winners for letting 99.7 NOW Pay Your Bills!

Let’s give a BIG Congratulations to everyone who got their bills paid!


1. Brianna Morris from San Leandro
2. Jose Vizuet from Brentwood
3. Sally Fountain from Castro Valley
4. Natalie De Santiago from Vallejo
5. Vilma Povio from Fremont
6. Leanna Yu from Daly City
7. Elizabeth Flores from San Jose
8. Tina Chao from Fremont
9. Brandy Vargas from Sunnyvale
10. Kellie Tom from San Jose
11. Jenny Valdez from San Jose
12. Stephanie Carslake from Fremont
13. Angeline Slagle from Daly City
14. Krista Horvath from Martinez
15. Amanda Solberg from Concord
16. David Thomas from Berkeley
17. Sarah White from Napa
18. Dianna Munoz from Daly City
19. Gemma Lira from Oakland
20. Daniel Baculi from Fremont
21. Crystal Tsaboukos from San Jose
22. Alexis Aguirre from Pacifica
23. Maria-Elena Del Real from Santa Clara
24. Wendy Quijada from Pittsburg
25. Samantha Yates from Santa Rosa
26. Roshini Dutta from San Jose
27. Sakuna Delirio from Daly City
28. Patrick Pitman from Oakland
29. Courtney Holcomb from Union City
30. Jessie Chung from Oakland
31. Bernadette Rodriguez from Fremont
32. Santana Delgadillo from San Jose
33. Carol Verity from Union City
34. Alexandra Valdivia from Santa Clara
35. Marielle Lintag from Union City )
36. Courtney Keeney from Walnut Creek
37. Kanisha George from San Jose
38. Heather Seigler from Napa
39. Alicia Rossi from San Carlos
40. Alfonso Newton from San Francisco
41. Liliana Benavides from South San Francisco
42. Michelle Lam from San Francisco
43. Hannah Kuntz from Vallejo
44. Ariane Ferrer from San Jose
45. Elsa Espinosa from Gilroy
46. Maria Braga from Hayward
47. Faranaz Zazai from San Jose
48. Laura Qaqish from Petaluma
49. Tiara Rios from Fairfield
50. Diane James from Livermore
51. Evan Trejo from San Jose
52. Claudia Orozco from Daly City
53. Sherry Lizama from San Mateo

Click here for complete contest rules.

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