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99.7 NOW & Why Don’t We: Making Wishes Come True

This holiday season, 99.7 NOW & Why Don’t We are granting eight (8) special wishes.

See below the wishes Fernando & Greg and Why Don’t We have granted so far!




Wish # 1: $500 VISA Gift Card

Letter Submitted by: Tyas from Daly City

Here is his letter

“My Mom is my world. My parents divorced when I was 7 and I recently learned that it was because of physical abuse. I’m 17 and this year my mom and I have gotten the closest, our relationship grew closer and stronger. it made me realize how really lucky i am because she does so much for our family. I haven’t been the best son, and I feel bad for disappointing her with some dumb mistakes I’ve made.
She’s been lucky to be working but for 2 months she wasn’t and i remember she used to worry a lot because she was scared about losing everything. I’ve heard her asking to borrow money and it was hard knowing that she had to do that. I’m working now and trying to help, but if there’s anything you can do to help me help her, it would truly be a blessing. she always says that. i don’t know how much debt she’s in but i know its at lot of money she owes. She’s taken care of me my 2 brothers and we been helping out her friend and her 3 kids because they lost their place too.
my mom has always opened her doors and her heart to anyone who’s ever asked her for help with anything, and she really deserves to not worry and stress so much. and, i know she loves listening to you guys aaaaaall the time. so if you can, it would be cool but if not that’s ok too, shell still be the best mom, and she always says everything will be fine.



Wish # 2: Macy’s “mystylist” Shopping Experience

Letter Submitted by: Kayla Ann from Suisun City

Here is her letter

My Christmas idea is for my dad, Brian, who goes above and beyond all year making sure I have everything I need. The gift my dad needs most is a change of wardrobe. Most of his clothes are older and we get new clothes a lot so I thought it might be a good idea to help get my dad some new clothes for Christmas.

He just had a knee surgery on November 8th, 2018 and I think that with a new wardrobe after he heals he can get the job he deserves.


Wish # 3: Spa Day for Mom

Letter Submitted by: Eve from Oakland

Here is her letter

Hi, my name is Eve and I feel like my mom, Katherine, deserves a treat. She is such a caring person to everyone, she truly goes above and beyond for other people’s needs. I feel she puts other people’s need before hers and she’s been going through a lot lately with her job and family issues. She has done so much for me, keeping me healthy and well taken care of. also never forget the concerts.. (see y’all at poptopia:)

I would love to surprise her with a super relaxing spa day, just her. she loves facials/massages and she really deserves a full body spa day to RELAX. if it’s possible, i would really appreciate it. love you guys, see u at poptopia!!




From our friends at Atlantic Records

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