Secret Sound #5 = Picking Up & Dropping a Cone on Concrete


  1. NOT REQUIRED:  Picking Up
  2. ACCEPTABLE:  Looper Tube, Delineator, Parking Cone, Traffic Cone, Orange Cone
  3. ACCEPTABLE:  Concrete, Ground, Pavement, Floor, Sidewalk, Walkway,
  4. ACCEPTABLE:  Dropping, Releasing, Letting Go, Placing, Setting, Positioning



  • Steve Irwin may NOT be a fan (Great Barrier Reef…Cones create barriers)
  • I was never a great pupil. That’s why I’m in radio (pupil..cones & rods in your eyes)
    When batting right handed, players will watch the ball with their left eye (Left Eye. She put a rubber in her glasses. Cones are made from rubber.
  • You can find me at Target (for closing off wet floors and stuff like that)
  • Police like DNA because it’s great evidence (concrete evidence)
  • This is something that people hit. (the highway)
  • Primary education escaped me. (Orange is not a primary color)
  • Football players need all the protection they can get (hard hats in construction zones)
  • This never helps your mood in the morning (road construction)
  • When you’re exhausted (tired. Tires are made from rubber)
  • You might see me in Hawaii! (cones are shaped like volcanos)
  • This has been a key strategy in the fight against COVID (distancing. They keep you distanced from construction and are also spaced out)
  • I start soft and end hard (concrete or asphalt)
  • Something that you sometimes have to do (let it go)
  • Almost all potato chips are the same (except Pringles will stack. Cones stack)
  • Not everything that doubles is good (fines double in construction zones)
  • You might find me at a gas station (they put the cones out when fuel truck is there)
  • I’ll take “Famous Nathans” for $500, Alex. (Nathan Lane. Stay in your lane.)
  • You’re guaranteed to see me on the way to Tiburon (life vests. Construction crews wear vests)
  • You might see me at the top of a ramp (do not enter)
  • Some movies are nothing short of  miracle. (In “Miracle” there was the Conehead line)
  • This is something that a car might throw (a rod. Rods and cones in your eyes)
  • Okay class…it’s time for math. 2 minus 1 equals…? (One lane)
  • When you create a new path, you (blank) the way (pave)
  • People hate it when you do this at the gym (drop the weights)
  • When you are just zeroed in and focused (you’re in the zone)
  • Some types of snacks come with their very own special dust (the orange stuff that ends up on your fingers with Doritos and Cheetos)
  • In the 1970’s, your parents might have said “Solid!” as a positive affirmation (solid lines, do not cross)
  • Sometimes I’m preceeded by a de (deconstruction)
  • This is something that will stop play in a basketball game (out of bounds or boundary)
  • A verb that is associated with your eye (drop)
  • Frost will sometimes affect prices (oranges)
  • I’m a type of band (rubber)
  • Dog’s don’t like this (cones)
  • There a very uplifting theory in this clue (what goes up must come down)
  • If life is going too fast for you, you might want to consider this.
  • Remember to always pick up after yourself at work.
  • How you measure a diamond (karats. Carrots are orange)
  • This is something that will move you (into another lane or around something)
  • 2021 has been a good year for new music on 99.7 NOW-FM (Goodyear, rubber)
  • Concerts are back and so are the big ticket prices (for speeding in a construction zone)
  • Mail carriers can be weighed by the pound (they pound the pavement)
  • Songs and drinks aren’t the only things you can mix (you mix concrete)
  • I’ve been to the Indy 500
  • I may not look like one but I’m a bowl. (Orange Bowl)