Bennie’s Bio

Big Bay Mornings
Weekdays 6:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Bennie was born and raised right here in the Bay Area. With his father being a musician, he was surrounded by music since day one. Although, for the first few of years of his life, his older sister Nicole actually did most of the talking for him because he was painfully shy.

Bennie really found his voice in high school when he took part in a local high school radio class. Shortly there after, at only 16 years old Bennie began an internship at San Francisco’s KYLD. It is hard to decipher what clothes to wear at 16 let alone having your whole career mapped out. Bennie knew as soon as he stepped into KYLD, that he would never be the same and that he was destined for radio. He dedicated his time and energy to make his radio career take full force by any means. Barely legal, Bennie was breaking all rules because he moved up within the corporate ladder and accomplished years’ worth of work in months. The moment he set foot for his first on air shift-he knew radio was all he wanted to do.

Since then his dream has taken him from San Diego to Sacramento (where he met his wife in 2006). In 2010, Bennie came full circle when he landed back in the bay to help launch 99.7 Now as the Imaging/Creative Director. He held that position until April 2019 when the opportunity presented itself to jump back on the air alongside Greg. “I really forgot just how much I love being on the air. I’m back and more excited than ever!”

Bennie currently resides in Marin County with his wife Vanessa and daughter Alyssa. He enjoys producing, cooking, riding his road bike and playing music too loud. However, there’s nothing Bennie likes more than to jump on the radio every morning and talk, laugh and connect with you. Thank you for listening to Big Bay Mornings. Real. Funny. NOW.

Some of Bennie’s Favorite Things:

  • Favorite Game: Catch Phrase
  • Favorite Book: Bosch Series
  • Favorite Show: Entourage
  • Favorite Movie(s): Goodfellas, Weddings Crashers, Bourne Identity (to name a few)
  • Celebrity Crush: Eva Mendes