New NBA Logo In The Works

By Salvador Ramirez on January 28, 2020

Kobe Bryant as the New NBA Logo

Hundreds of thousands of fans along with many in the sports media want the NBA silhouette logo to be updated to resemble Kobe Bryant.  Laker legend and former Warriors adviser Jerry West has been the longtime silhouette and he’s already on record saying he wishes it wasn’t him….Several players also have come out in support saying “Kobe has to be the new NBA logo.” Click Here to join in the petition to change the NBA logo.

The World and particularly the World of Sports continues to react to the death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi along with seven others in a helicopter crash Sunday morning.  The Lakers / Clippers game that was scheduled to be played tonight has been postponed after the devastating news.

Mr. Peanut Death Campaign

Planters, who killed off it’s famous Mr. Peanuts mascot in an online commercial in a prelude to their Super Bowl funeral by having him drive off a cliff announced that it was pumping the breaks on its “Death of Mr. Peanut” ad campaign out of respect for Kobe.

The company said it would “evaluate next steps through a lens of sensitivity and their ads will on social media will be paused, but the company will move forward with it’s 30-second ad on Super Bowl Sunday. So they are gonna stop showing the Nutmobile careening off a cliff, but they will continue with the funeral.

Super Bowl 54

And despite the tragic news, life and the show does go on…Super Bowl 54 will happen this Sunday between the 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs and both teams will be well represented at the game.  Stubhub announced that resale ticket sales in California just passed up sales in the Kansas / Missouri two state block.  While those midwest states had bragged that they led tickets sales late last week, California just moved ahead with 22 percent of all tickets sales coming from the Golden State…..20 percent of resale sales has come from Kansas and Mizzou…..Let’s go 9ers….