J-Lo’s “Butt Cleavage” and 9 Other Outlandish Super Bowl Prop Bets

By Salvador Ramirez on January 22, 2020
The Super Bowl isn’t just football’s biggest game–it’s gambling’s biggest game. To this end, Miami New Times scanned various sportsbooks to come up with a list of the 10 wackiest prop bets someone can actually place on the February 2 contest (and telecast in general):
  1. Jennifer Lopez shows butt cleavage during the Super Bowl halftime show: Yes (+500), No (-1000)
  2. Super Bowl LIV Gatorade bath color: Lime/Green/Yellow (+275), Purple (+1400)
  3. Will J.Lo or Shakira be caught lip-syncing? Yes (+700), No (-1500)
  4. Will MC Hammer say “Hammer time” in Cheetos commercial? Yes (-200), No (+150)
  5. Will MC Hammer say “too legit” in Cheetos commercial? Yes (-200), No (+150)
  6. Total Donald Trump tweets on February 2? Over 13.5 (+130), Under 13.5 (-170)
  7. Will any player propose to his girlfriend on the field after the game? Yes (+500), No (-900)
  8. How many times will Alex Rodriguez be shown during the halftime show? Over .5 (+325), Under .5 (-550)
  9. Will Shakira and Jennifer Lopez twerk during the halftime show? Yes (+160), No (-230)
  10. How many commercials will have a dog in them? Over 3.5 (-120), Under 3.5 (+120)

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