The Summer Games May Be Put On Pause

By on February 26, 2020
TOKYO, JAPAN – FEBRUARY 26: A man wearing a face mask walks past the Olympic rings in front of the new National Stadium, the main stadium for the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, on February 26, 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. Concerns that the Tokyo Olympics may be postponed or cancelled are increasing as Japan confirms 862 cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and as some professional sporting contests are being called off or rescheduled and some major Japanese corporations ask for people to work from home. (Photo by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images)

Despite constant assurances about the safety of the Tokyo Summer Olympics,  longtime International Olympic Committee member Dick Pound said this week that the IOC has a three-month window to decide whether the coronavirus threat in Tokyo is severe enough to cancel the 2020 Summer Games, which are scheduled to begin on July 24.  Pound told the media that no one is 100 percent confident that Tokyo is going to happen but at this point all indications  that it will be business as usual.  Until it’s not!

Steph is Set to Make a Return?

We are still getting conflicting reports on the return of Steph Curry.  One national news source yesterday confirmed that Curry will make his return Sunday against the Washington Wizards while local sources say that Curry will be re evaluated on Friday and a decision will not be made until then.  So it looks like we won’t get a definitive answer until Friday.

Profit of the Mamba?

Some fans who were lucky enough to be able to attend Monday’s memorial for Kobe and Gianna Bryant are now trying to cash in by selling souvenirs that they took from the event.   Memorial programs, pins and other souvenir items have already sold, some for thousands of dollars.   Starting prices for Memorial bundles are about $3,000, with some listings having a “Buy It Now” price of $5,000. I just went on and there was a memorial bundle that had the pin, the program, a t-shirt and the ticket to the event for $825.

Brady Takes To Twitter

Tom Brady made an emotional Twitter post yesterday calling Kobe Bryant  ‘the real life superhero’
Brady said we all know the world needs more of that leadership and positivity.  The world we live in is teaching EVERYONE to fear, to worry, to shame or to give up. And that’s the opposite of what Kobe stood for.  Brady went on to say decide to make the change in yourself.  SEIZE THE DAY. That’s what Kobe always did, and that’s what he wanted for us too.”

Check Out his entire tweet below

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