Up In Flames!

By on February 4, 2020
MIAMI, FLORIDA – FEBRUARY 02: Shakira (L) and Jennifer Lopez perform onstage during the Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show at Hard Rock Stadium on February 02, 2020 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

A Hot Mess

Well as typical we have a stupid fan of fun after a Super Bowl victory if you haven’t seen this video yet check it out below a Kansas City Chiefs fan is trying to set a couch on fire because of course that’s how we celebrate. It looks like he’s in the front of somebody’s house. Of course you need to tape this for Instagram.  He sets the couch on fire and then poof a cloud of flames goes up setting his shoes on fire and sending him running down the street as his friends laugh and film.


Parental Advisory

Should the Super Bowl halftime show contain a parental warning well there are some people who are saying “YES”. There are several columns written about this yesterday of course the controversy is stemming mainly from the stripper pole that JLo used and of course her crotch pads that she lets she performed during the Super Bowl halftime show. 

In case you missed it check out the entire performance below!

Well last year the FCC received about 50 complaints about Adam Levine’s expose nipples of course that’s with over 100000,000 people watching 50 complaints not alot but yeah expose nipples, crotch pads. I guess maybe we will have a warning come next year 

Better Luck Next Time!

Betters who thought they had money in the bag lost big time on Sunday during the Super Bowl.  Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes knelt three times at the end of the game losing 15 yards now listen to this. One of the bets you could make was on Mahomes is rushing yards during the game. The over under was 36.5 now at the time at the end of the game he had a 44 yards meaning that if you bet the over you scored big time, but when he knelt three times at the end of the game he lost 5 yard. Taking his total yards down to 29 yards meaning you had money in the bag and you lost it thanks to him kneeling down. You can also blame Kyle Shanahan the 49ers coach because he called three he called all of his timeouts at the end of the game forcing the Mahomes to keep kneeling to run the clock out I would be furious by that.

Fans on Twitter were furious with the whole outcome of the situation



Trump Clowns Around 

Also after all the controversy that he start about Colin Kaepernick kneeling for the national anthem Donald Trump was filmed at his Super Bowl party and during the national anthem everyone was standing hand over heart except for him he was pointing glad-handing, clowning around pretending to conduct the national anthem, move the chair all while the national anthem went down you can watch this hypocrite do this below.


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