Stolen Car Spotted Catching Waves In South Carolina

By kmvq on September 9, 2019

This past Thursday, with Hurricane Dorian approaching, a photo of a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee getting pummeled by waves in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, started going viral, with #DorianJeep memes superimposing the stolen rig over screenshots from films like Titanic and Cast Away. A pair of bagpiping brothers even ventured to the beach to give the vehicle its “last rites,” Joshua Kipp told The New York Times. The Jeep was towed off the beach on Friday and was quickly determined to be a total loss due to saltwater damage. The vehicle’s owner, Nicholas Feliciano, started a GoFundMe page–to assist hurricane victims, not to fix his car. “We may have lost a vehicle but that is small in comparison to what others have lost during this storm,” the page reads.


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