Bay Area Bridges Suspending Cash Toll Collection

By bigreid on March 20, 2020
OAKLAND, CA – OCTOBER 28: A California Highway Patrol officer guards the closed toll plaza leading to the San Francisco Bay Bridge October 28, 2009 in Oakland, California. The San Francisco Bay Bridge was abruptly closed Tuesday evening after two steel tie rods and a crossbeam from a steel saddle broke and fell onto the upper deck of the bridge landing on three vehicles and causing one person to suffer injuries. The eastern span of the bridge is undergoing seismic renovation and is expect to be completed in 2013. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

More changes are continuing to happen for those who still have to commute around the Bay.

Commuters who cross, San Mateo – Hayward, San Francisco – Oakland, Richmond – San Rafael, Dumbarton, Carquinez, Antioch, and Benicia – Martinez bridges will travel through empty toll booths starting tonight at midnight.

Toll booths will not be staffed.

Drivers will receive a “Toll Violation” in the mail but the violation fee will be waived, drivers are still expected to pay toll. Check out the MTC’s announcement below.

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