High-Low Game for Prettymuch Tickets!!!

By bigreid on February 27, 2019

This week Big Reid has been giving out tickets to see Prettymuch for when they come back to the Bay on August 13th at The Masonic! Here’s the catch, you have to know the exact amount of jelly BEANZ (get it cause that’s the name of their fandom) that’s in a clear container. What’s even more fun is that the container changes each night.

Here’s Mondays jar which contained 470 Beanz. 

Tuesdays grande sized cup contained 353 Beanz.

Wednesdays card container held 154 Beanz

  1. Here is a photo of tonight’s container!



2. We measured tonight’s container and it’s about 6 and 1/2 inches tall.


3. Using more than one phone helps with getting your call in!

4. Make sure you’re listening to hear other listeners guesses.

5. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @997now and turn on our notifications.  We post when we’re going to play, as well as tweet number guesses.


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