Interview: Big Reid talks with Foster and Adoption Advocate, Author Keri Vellis

By bigreid on February 24, 2019
A multi-ethnic group of elementary school children are outdoors on a summer day. They are laying in a circle in the park, and smiling up at the camera.

This interview was really important. As a former Foster Youth it is important to raise awareness around the issues that kids in the system deal with.Keri reached out to me about her non-profit Keri’s Kids and introduced me to the books she has written that were created as a way to help Foster Children and At-Risk Youth.

As someone who grew up in Foster Care I feel that it is important to share her story and message for more people to get involved and help her goal of having each of the 450,000 Foster Youth across the U.S have one of her books!

Please take the time to listen to my interview with Keri and hear how passionate she is about helping Foster youth. Growing up I was placed in tons of homes and it is very rare to come across a Foster parent who really does take the time and effort to make you feel welcome, comfortable, and safe.

To purchase one of Keri’s books or donate one to a child click here!

To donate to Keri’s Kids click here!


Listen to the interview below.

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