Relive The Path To The #997MONSTAPARTY!

By bigreid on February 11, 2020

MONBEBE it all started with a Tweet…

and the rest was HISTORY! Even though I didn’t hit 10K I was ready to bring one of the BIGGEST groups in K-Pop to the Bay Area for a EXCLUSIVE intimate experience! Right as we were in the stages of planning this party MONSTA X announced their tour and let us know they were coming back to the Bay Area this Summer! Back in December we found out the guys had a new album coming on Valentine’s Day and figured why not have a party to celebrate!

We had a goal to invite as many MONBEBE as possible to attend and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience! If you’re a fan you already know how talented these guys are and how much they’re growing each year! I popped up in Daly City, Hayward and San Mateo to meet up with fans and hook them up with passes into the party!

We slid into DMs, we hooked you up on the air, Twitter, and IG with over 500+ passes into this party! You know we had to show love to TikTok also!


For me personally besides meeting all of our winners at different meet up sites I think hooking you up with Meet & Greets for the boys on IG Live was AWESOME!


Then today happened… Finally time for the party we’ve all been waiting for! When I arrived at the venue I did my best to walk down the line and say hi to everybody. It was so much fun having the chance to meet you all face to face! Shout out to the SPROUT GANG!  I had so much fun at the party! Check out some of my favorite moments at the party below!

This was SOOOOOO MUCH fun and I can’t wait for the next party! MONBEBE you really showed out! In a good way too! Thank you for being so positive and coming out to our party, THIS WAS FOR YOU! Hope to see you soon!

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