7-Eleven gives us a “Peep” of a new Slurpee flavor

By Alex on February 21, 2020

Peeps, you either love or hate the chick and bunny shaped marshmallow treats. Did you know that you can now drink Peeps as one of our favorite cool treats?

It appears that 7-Eleven is introducing a Peeps flavored Slurpee that will officially debut in the upcoming Spring.

However, I came across it at a local 7-Eleven store in Hayward. As a fan of Peeps, I gave the new flavor a try and it tasted like sour sugar. This would go great mixed with the other flavors!

Check out my Instagram post below and the comment 7-Eleven left. 

7-Eleven comments “Oops. Someone got a peep of our Peeps Slurpee. The chick is out of the bag, but not yet in the machine. You’ll have to wait until Spring to try it! 🐥

After the comment was left, I did a quick search and it appears that my post is one of a few on any social media outlet. I am looking forward to this “peep” of the new flavor expanding to more stores!

Would you give the Peeps Slurpee a try when it officially comes out? Your thoughts on it? Let me know.


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