Commonly Missed Photo Spot at Disneyland: The Magic Carpet

By on August 26, 2019

Sure, lots of people LOVE going to the Disneyland Resort to get on the rides, watch the shows & parades, plus who can forget about all the yummy food options at both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure!ย While you’re running around doing all of that, most likely you’re stopping to take a quick picture or selfie.

Since I go to Disneyland a lot, I always see people rushing around. Maybe they’re trying to make their Fastpass time for the Indiana Jones ride, maybe they want to get that Disney Spirit Jersey they saw before they change their mind or running to get the perfect spot for the parade!

There’s one particular photo spot at Disneyland that I see people walk past all the time. Now it’s not something you have to look up for…. you actually have to look down… down on the ground!

Next time you’re at Disneyland, right in front of the new Tropical Hideaway, which is the spot where you can get Loaded Dole Whips, Chilled Ramen, Bulgogi Beef Bao’s, plus I have to mention the Sweet Lumpia….. But that’s another post for another day!!

When you’re in Adventureland, standing in front of The Tropical Hideaway…. look down on the ground. You’ll see the Magic Carpet from Aladdin! To me that is sacred. When I see it, I turn into a superstitious baseball player not wanting to step on the white lines on a baseball field! I walk around the Magic Carpet or my kids like to sit on it with their arms out like they’re flying. Check out my daughter Addy’s picture from our last trip a few weeks ago.

As you can imagine….. people are like, “What are they doing sitting on the floor?” Since they’re intrigued, I show them and then it’s always a loud, “Ooooooohhhhh. Kids come here and sit on the Magic Carpet!”

When you go to Disneyland, make sure to tag me in your Magic Carpet photos, I’d LOVE to see them! For more Disney Tips, you can follow my @MarysDisneyTips on Instagram!

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