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The $5,000 Secret Sound

The $5,000 Secret Sound is BACK on 99.7 NOW

Guess the Secret Sound and you can win up to $5,000 every weekday on 99.7 NOW


How To Play:

1. Listen to 99.7 NOW weekdays @ 7:40am, 8:40am, 9:40am, 11:40am, 3:40pm, 4:40pm, 5:40pm & 6:40pm.

2. Listen for the Secret Sound & Clues

3. Keep track of the clues as those will help you identify the Secret Sound!

4. Guess the Secret Sound correctly & win up to $5,000





Take a Listen to Secret Sound #1

Congratulations to Dean of Milpitas!
He correctly identified Secret Sound #1 and scored $2,500!!

Secret Sound #1= A Baseball Going/Splashing into the Bay/McCovey Cove.

Something falling into the toilet
Splashing Water into a pool
Golfball being hit into water
Dog jumping into water
Bathbomb being thrown into the bathtub
Dropping a shot glass into another shot glass
Dropping a bathbomb into a tub
A buoy hitting the water
Throwing a rock in a puddle
Ice cube dropping into water
Coin dropping into fountain
An oar of a Kayak going into the water
Fishing Lure
Jumping in a puddle



Take a Listen to Secret Sound #2

Congratulations to Auralia from Oakland!
She correctly identified The Secret Sound and won $3,600!!

Secret Sound #2 = Opening Up an Umbrella



Crumpling paper & throwing it away
Bubble wrap
Turning a newspaper
Pulling a paper jam out of a printer
A Chest Opening & Closing….Like a treasure chest!
Cutting wrapping paper with scissors
Retractable Dog Leash
Wrapping Christmas Present
Crushing Floral Foam
Slot Machine
Slinky going down the stairs
A measuring tape
Opening a bag of seaweed for sushi
Throwing a disc in disc in disc golf & hitting the basket
Grabbing a receipt & change off the counter
Dispersing aluminum foil
Letting go of a retractable french shade
Tree falling in the woods
Jumping on a pogo stick
A Coinstar Machine
Ropes for Mountain Climbing
Pushing or Pulling Shopping Carts from target



Take A Listen to Secret Sound #3

Congratulations to Monique from Pacifica!
She correctly identified Secret Sound #3 and won $4,400!!

Secret Sound #3= Biting into a chocolate Easter Bunny

A Stapler
Dropping ice into a glass
A sunglasses case
Opening up a jar
Dropping a coin in the peep show box
Biting an apple
A horse taking a step
Opening a can of soda
Cracking a peanut
Slurping the last of a drink
A window closing at the Lusty Lady
Biting celery
Penny dropping into a glass of water
Pop socket popping
Alkaseltzer falling into water
Popping a cork from a wine bottle
An old school camera click
Wrist watch hand click
Pocket watch closing
Rabbit eating corn on the cob
Rabbit biting an apple
A padlock locking
Cracking a nut
Latching a briefcase
Biting the ears off a hollow Easter Egg
Rabbit biting a carrot
Opening or closing a plastic Easter egg
Opening an egg to find a ticket
Biting into a Tootsie Pop
Biting into a chocolate easter egg


Take A Listen to Secret Sound #4

Lawn Mower
Rollercoaster going up
Prize Wheel
Bingo Roller
Water going down the drain
BART going by
Blowing bubbles through a straw into water
Typing on a typewriter
Fax Machine
Old school movie projector in a classroom

Click HERE for Official Contest Rules 99.7 NOW! General Contest Rules Apply. Contest Entry Period: 4/8/19 at 7:40am thru 5/24/19 at 6:40pm. Prize: Contestants who correctly identify the secret sound will win the Grand Prize jackpot between $1,000-$5,000. Winner will be chosen by being the ninth (9) caller into the studio 888-456-9970 at the designated call in time as announced by the on air host, and if they can correctly identify the secret sound. No purchase or payment of any kind is required to enter or win this contest.              

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