The 99.7 NOW $5,000 Secret Sound

The $5,000 Secret Sound is BACK on 99.7 NOW

Guess the Secret Sound and you can win up to $5,000 every weekday on 99.7 NOW


How To Play:

1. Listen to 99.7 NOW weekdays @ 8:20am, 9:20am, 11:20am, 4:20pm & 5:20pm.

2. Listen for the Secret Sound & Clues

3. Keep track of the clues as those will help you identify the Secret Sound!

4. Guess the Secret Sound correctly & win up to $5,000




Congrats to Stephanie from South San Francisco! She guessed the Secret Sound correctly and won $3,400! 

Secret Sound #1 = Opening a container of cleaning wipes and taking one out.


Closing a box and pulling tape out
Blending a boba drink
Slurpee Machine
Grocery List
Rewinding a VHS tape
Spraying a can of whipped cream
Steam coming out of a latte machine
A record
Electric Stapler
Swiping a credit card
Money coming out of the ATM machine
Lottery machine dispensing tickets
Making coffee from a coffee machine
Electric can opener
Mousetrap closing/snapping
A guillotine paper shredder
Sucking helium out of a balloon
Air pump for tire
Water bottle straw going into the bottle and sucking up water



Congratulations to Dolly from Hayward! She guess Secret Sound #2 correctly and won $2,300.

Secret Sound #2 = Pulling up a bath/shower mat

Coffee beans being ground up
Screen door opening
Ice dropping into a glass
A drumroll
letting air out of a tire
Pulling off tape
Coin counter counting quarters
Tape measure going back
a refrigerator opening
Pulling up on an emergency break
Velcro knife case
Taser gun
Measuring tape


Congratulations to Karina from San Jose! She guess Secret Sound #3 correctly and won $5,000!!

Secret Sound #3 = Shaking an iced coffee in a plastic/disposable cup


Ice in a blender
Dropping coins into a coin machine
The perfection game
Dumping candy corn out of a bag & into a bowl
Hungry Hungry Hippos
The Kerplunk Game
Dumping Legos out of a bin
Jumbling the Boggle
Dumping the Connect 4 pieces out
Dumping checkers out of the box
Bingo balls rotating
shaking a drink in a shaker
Charcoal in a grill
Turning over a rainstick
Crushing an old bag of chips
Jenga blocks falling
Pouring cereal out of the box
Kerplunk pieces falling out
Shaking an iced coffee
Shaking a container of golf balls
Spinning the wheel of fortune
Being in a hale storm
Shaking a container of dice
Hale falling down
Ice in a cooler
Dumping out cassette tapes
Breaking pasta
A roulette wheel
Ice machine dispensing ice
Shuffling a deck of cards
Shaking a can of ice breakers
Pouring beans in a bowl
Classic corn popper toy walker
Spilling the pieces to the Don’t Break the Ice Game
Dumping hangers into a bin
Dominoes falling
Filling up a bucket of golf balls
Pulling on a carry on luggage with wheels
Paper going through a shredder
Shaking a blender
Ice pouring into a cup
Soap curls when you crunch them
Taking an empty plastic water bottle and crushing it up
Unrolling a giant roll of bubble wrap
Popping a roll of bubble wrap
Ice dispensing from the refrigerator
Stirring ice in a cup with a straw
Diamonds pouring into a thing
Dumping out a bag of Andes mints
Crumpling up a plastic wrapper
Scrunching up a plastic water bottle
Halloween Candy Falling Into Candy Dish
Shaking Ice in a Starbucks cup
Grinding coffee beans
Pouring coffee beans into a water bottle
Putting coffee beans into a grinder
Pouring coffee beans into a grinder
Blending up a frappuccino
Sound of marbles bouncing into a cup
Pouring a Starbucks Frap into a metal cup
Pouring ice into a Styrofoam cooler
Pouring coffee beans into a grinder
Pouring coffee beans into a grinder from a plastic cup
Ice cubes being dropped on a baseball helmet
Plastic cup spilling all over the floor
Pouring barley grains into a grinder mill
Dispensing/Shaking Ice in a plastic cup

a bunch of hockey pucks shaking all together



Congrats to Alice from Oakland! She guesses Secret Sound #4 correctly and won $2,600.

Secret Sound #4 + Pouring a bag of Halloween Candy into a bowl

Throwing empty cans into a recycling bin
Crushing aluminum cans
Chopping down with an axe
Scooping Ice
The Grinch Who stole Christmas vaccuuming up all the presents
Blocks Falling Off A Trophy
Open A Gate With A Cowbell
Popcorn popping in a metal pot
Popcorn popping in a popcorn machine
Going through a turn style
Tearing Up Cardboard
Pouring Dog Food Into A Metal Bowl
Wrapping a present
Breaking scraping ice off a car
Kettle corn popping in the kettle at Farmer’s Market


Congrats to Imani from San Leandro. She won $1,800 by identifying Secret Sound #5

Secret Sound #5 = Repeatedly pressing/clicking a stapler

A sewing machine
Printing a list
Old school metal top that you push down on
Nerf Gun
Roller Coaster Going Up


Take a listen to Secret Sound #6

A Bike Horn
A straw going through a drink lid on a plastic cup
A straw going in & out of a Slurpee cup

Playing With A Squeaky Toy

A Straw Going Up And Down In A Cup

Click HERE for official contest rules.



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