What Are People Doing With Their #StimulusPayment?

By on April 15, 2020

It looks like a lot of people have received their stimulus payment, have you?

Due to the shelter-in-place, a lot of people were forced to stop working. However, we have all been patiently waiting for the $1,200 stimulus check to hit our bank accounts. It looks like today is the day that everyone is receiving that check! 

All day, people have been tweeting about whether they received one or not. A lot are upset because they did not receive a check, others feel like it’s not enough, and some feel like they won the lottery!

For all those that didn’t receive a check because they’re still dependents… I feel you :/

I think all Californians that received the check feel this right now:

And of course, there’s people that are feeling RICH!!


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