Dr. Kaplan aka Dr. Bae from Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery

Dr. Kaplan


San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, a board certified plastic surgeon originally from Alexandria, LA is proud to call San Francisco home. After completing his plastic surgery fellowship at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic where he was trained by the same team that performed the first US face transplant, he practiced in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for six years.

Dr. Kaplan has wanted to be a plastic surgeon since he was 16 years old. But it wasn’t a glamorous breast augmentation or facelift that first stoked his interest in plastic surgery. He was observing a plastic surgeon in his hometown and the patient was having a skin cancer removed from their leg. The defect that was left after the skin cancer removal was too large to close directly so the plastic surgeon took a piece of skin from the patient’s neck crease, thus hiding the incision, and placed the skin graft onto the leg wound. While not the stuff plastic surgery reality TV is made of, it was still fascinating and ultimately the experience that motivated Dr. Kaplan to pursue a career in plastic surgery.

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