San Francisco Is The Highest Ranked US City On The 'Safe Cities Index'

San Francisco ranked the highest among cities in the United States.

By kmvq on October 19, 2017

The Economist studied the 60 largest cities in the world to compile their annual ‘Safe Cities Index’.

San Francisco ranked the highest among cities in the United States with a ranking of 15th. Other US cities all ranked in the top half of the list with Los Angeles at 18th, Chicago at 19th, New York at 21st, and Dallas at 26th.

The study took into account 4 major safety factors: digital, health, infrastructure, and physical.

According to the researchers, US cities major problem was that they lacked infrastructure safety but were slightly bolstered by strong digital safety scores.

America’s failing infrastructure is reflected in its cities’ rankings: No US city makes it into the top ten in this category and only San Francisco appears in the top 20. The top ten cities in this category are either in Europe (Madrid, Barcelona, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Zurich) or Asia-Pacific (Singapore, Wellington, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Sydney). However, the US performs well in digital security: Of the cities in the top ten in this category, four are North American (Chicago, San Francisco, New York and Dallas)

Topping the world list was Tokyo with Karachi, Pakistan placing last.

Click here to read the full report from The Economist.

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