Comcast Offering Free Internet Service For 60 Days To Low Income Families During Coronavirus Pandemic

By on March 14, 2020
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As I started hearing about school closures around the country and then closer to home, here in the Bay Area…. my first thought was it’s better to be safe, than sorry! While some think closing schools might be a bit premature, there’s no doubt that there are so many things that we STILL don’t know about this Coronavirus. Things that we hear from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) is constantly changing!

I have 2 daughters and yesterday I got word of both of their schools being closed. So now, starting this Monday, my kids will be home and won’t go back to school until April 6th. In their school district, teachers will be going to work on Monday & Tuesday to put together lesson plans for “remote learning” that can be done at home.

Right away I thought about the countless families in the Bay Area going through this too. I also wondered about how are students supposed to do these online lessons if they don’t have access to wifi or internet at home. Thankfully Comcast is doing it’s part to help families!

Comcast announced that starting on Monday, March 16th they are offering free internet service for 60 days for low income families/new customers. After the 2 months, you can either cancel at no cost or you can keep the program and pay the usual fee. It’s for their ‘Internet Essentials’ package that usually costs $9.95 a month. If you’re already a customer, the company plans on increasing the wifi speeds.

This is a huge help for not only students still needing to access academic programs from home, but to those who’s workplace has closed down too and been forced to work from home.

To sign up you can call 1-855-846-8376 for more information or check outĀ

After you join their plan, they also give you options if you want to buy a low cost computer too. Check their site for more info either way!

Read the press release from Comcast here.

Stay safe everyone!


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