Ed Sheeran Explains D.C. Jam Session with Dave Chappelle

A chance encounter in London lead to a lifetime jam partner.

By kmvq on September 21, 2017

By Erin Thibeau

How did Ed Sheeran end up in jam session with Dave Chappelle?

That was the question on everyone’s mind after pictures popped up on social media of the “Shape of You” singer and the comedian performing at Eighteenth Street Lounge in Washington D.C. late Tuesday night (Sept. 19).

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In a backstage interview before his second show at the Capital One Arena Wednesday, Sheeran gave the backstory to 94.7 Fresh FM.

Two years ago, Sheeran said, he was leaving Wembley Stadium after his show and passed a warehouse that was “poppin.'”

“There’s this amazing band playing and Dave Chappelle on stage with a microphone,” he continued. The harmonica player recognized Sheeran and pulled him on stage to jam “for like an hour.”

The next night, Sheeran had a party that was “just me and like 12 of my schoolmates and Dave Chappelle. It was really, really weird.”

“Ever since then when he has jams and he’s in town, I go and jam,” he said.

Check out photos from the D.C. Jam session below.

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