Funny Things That Happened At Home During Week 1 Of Sheltering In Place By Mary Diaz

By marydiaz997 on March 22, 2020

This has been the longest week ever! We’re already 1 week in to the mandatory state quarantine and I feel like the days are melting together!

Yesterday, I left the house for the first time in a few days to come to the station and couldn’t shake the eerie feeling of empty streets & especially a practically desolate 880 freeway! Just putting shoes on felt weird today! LOL— Ok, and felt awkward putting on “real clothes” instead of my “around the house” clothes for the first time in a few days. Hey…. don’t judge me, my Disney Christmas pajamas are still quite comfortable and I’m sure can be considered “athleisure-wear.” Hahaha

Here are some of the things I noticed or that happened to me during Week 1 of our stay at home. I thought it might make someone who’s reading this NOT feel alone… I’m with ya through this too!

1.) My kids are going through all the snacks I thought we’d stock-pile at home to last us 2 weeks + Spring Break week since my kids aren’t supposed to go back to school until April 6th (maybe). Let’s just say that I see a trip to the store coming up in my very near future!

2.) My kids actually eat fruits and veggies when that’s what’s left- I have one that only likes “cuties oranges” and pineapple spears from Disneyland. My other daughter will eat any fruit but won’t touch veggies unless it’s in french fry form. Since I was hiding snacks, I put out some fruit with a bottle of Tapatio & Tajin and guess what….. they ate it all…. and you know what else…. they didn’t complain!! LOL…. Guess they aren’t so picky now…. well when they want a snack.

3.) Why did my kids ask me to cook them breakfast the other day. I said, “Sure, what kind of cereal do you want?” I started naming we we had and they said, “Nooooo we want eggs, bacon and pancakes!” Why did I just freeze up! I was speechless….. I haven’t made them an actual “breakfast” in so long. During the weekdays, we’re just trying to get to school on time so they grab cereal, yogurt with granola, juice and a bagel or toast…quick grab and go things. On the weekends, I’m here on the radio at 99.7 NOW, so when I leave the house, they’re still sleeping. I was like a deer in the headlights! I actually forgot for a split second where to even start…. yes, it’s been THAT long.

4.) All those hours of watching Food Network, I actually found myself paying attention the last few days on to how things were made and thinking if I could make it myself. I usually like to watch the shows on there for inspiration, but NEVER actually made anything from those shows! Now I’m like, “What you got Pioneer Woman.. or Rachel Ray!”

5.) Also realized that having your own space is still ok! I found myself the first few days into this whole shut down thing, that I wanted everyone to be in the living room together, be with the kids on the kitchen table while they did their homework incase they had questions for me…. Before you know it… I was like, “Alright girls, don’t you want to do your homework in your room?” Kinda felt guilty but man….. was that time having the living room to myself to watch MY  tv shows the BEST feeling!!

6.)  Why were my girls making Tik Tok videos and the pile of laundry I folded and gave to them to put away was in the background. I told them, “yeah you girls look cute dancing, but what about that pile of clothes behind you!” LOL– It was a lesson in check your background before you dance, because that’s what I look really, not your dance moves first!

7.) I didn’t know how much I missed shopping, till all my favorite stores closed up! I turned to online shopping this week. I just miss shopping! I’ve been supporting small businesses and buying stuff on Etsy though. (I’m sure when it all gets delivered I’ll wonder why I ordered a monogrammed Mickey Mouse head that goes on our wall, or also Disneyland sign and who can forget a soap dispenser that dispenses Mickey shaped soap and some other things…Ok, I may have needed a FEW of those things, even if we weren’t ordered to stay in the house!) hahaha- Oh incase you didn’t know, I LOVE all things Disney and especially Disneyland! I like to call myself a Disneyland expert and try to go to the parks at least once a month. So now you understand my Disney shopping habit!

8.) Although 2 of my 3 jobs that I do have been closed this week due to the shutdowns, (I work as an online VJ for CMC-TV and also at the Union City Family Center which is part of my kids school district)… My husband has been working long hours at his job too, no stay home order for him. He works for a soda company, not everyone is looking to stock up on water, SODA is pretty popular too. This week, I wouldn’t let him come in the house until I saw that he used hand sanitizer and a Clorox wipe on his hands and pretty much take his work uniform off outside– Luckily my parents live  next door and my Godparents live on the other side of us, so they’re sure getting an eyeful this week. I stand there with his new clothes and he goes straight to the shower before we even say hello! Gotta be safe all around right?

9.) I am actually doing laundry and putting it away- So many times, I’ll do loads of laundry and then I get busy (ok, maybe it’s called distracted) or have to take off and don’t get around to actually putting things away! Now everything is put away and organized…. not Marie Kondo style… but I know what I got and where to find it. It’s a forever work in progress.

10.) I LOVE MY FAMILY & FRIENDS!!! It didn’t take this whole pandemic for me to realize that I swear….. but when times are super crazy like they are now, I’m just thankful for my familia even more.

Family and staying positive is how I focused my energy this week during the non-stop news coverage. I tried to not be consumed by it all…. it’s kinda hard not to be though! So if I took your mind off things for even 5 minutes while you read my blog….. thank you for your time! Hopefully it made it you smile, made you feel like, “Yes…that’s me too!”…. Just know that I’m with you. Especially on the weekends from 9am- 3pm here at 99.7 NOW! Love ya guys & sending you virtual elbow pounds  to you and your family!