Simon Pegg Once Pitched A 'Shaun Of The Dead' Sequel With Vampires

A sequel was discussed but tabled.

By kmvq on October 24, 2017

Shaun Of The Dead is a classic. The 2004 zombie comedy rocketed the trio of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright to indie film stardom.

The three reunited for 2007’s Hot Fuzz and 2013’s The World’s End but according to a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the trio had batted around the idea of a proper Shaun 2. This time the hapless Shaun and his pub friends would battle vampires.

“I jokingly wrote a treatment for From Dusk Till Shaun, which was a sequel.” said Pegg, “Edgar thought it would be funny to do the film again, with vampires. It was all just pub talk.”

The title is a riff off of Robert Rodriguez’s 1996 cult classic From Dusk Till Dawn with George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino, Harvey Keitel, and Juliette Lewis.

It may be that too long has past for a sequel especially with Pegg finding huge success in mega-franchises like Star Trek (acting and writing) and Mission: Impossible and Wright helming the extremely successful and critically acclaimed Baby Driver.

But don’t rule out other film collaborations with Pegg, Frost, and Wright. Simon Pegg told EW, “It’s just a question of sync-ing up our respective diaries.”


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