Southwest Airlines Making Changes To Their Boarding Process & In Flight Service Due To Covid-19 Pandemic

By on May 2, 2020
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

While we’re all in shelter in place status, there’s no doubt that you’re still thinking about where you want to travel when all the restrictions are lifted! I’ve had to cancel 2 flights due to the pandemic (ok, they were both flights to Anaheim for Disneyland trips…. I’m sure you’re not surprised where I was going!). Luckily, the airline just gave me credit for my next trip whenever things are safe. I was wondering though, how would travel look in the future?

Southwest Airlines announced through their ‘Southwest Promise’, they will be taking a lot of precautions to keep their customers, staff and crew safe. Especially when it comes to cleaning and prepping the planes between flights. They will be using the same medical-grade disinfectants that hospitals & restaurants use and adding social distancing too which is great to hear. These are just some changes that they’ll be making with how their guests board their planes.

  • Travelers will be encouraged to download their app to access a digital boarding pass to limit the amount of contact you have with people for check-in
  • Travelers will line up and board the plane 10 at a time. No more lining up 30 people on each side of the line at those boarding poles. They are hoping this will help people be more spread out
  • Southwest is asking travelers to get to the airport earlier than usual to allow for time to get through security and all the extra social distancing protocols everywhere
  • Southwest suggests eating before you board the plan since drinks & snacks will not be given out right now. You can still bring your own snacks.
  • Ticket areas, boarding gates, baggage claim areas will be cleaned multiple times a day
  • The middle seat will remain empty to help with social distancing, unless a family wants to sit together- they can.
  • Hand sanitizers will be available at the airport and wipes will be given on the plane.
  • Travelers & flight attendants will need to wear a mask on board starting May 11th.

Check out their video they released yesterday to get more info on how they’re doing their part to keep safety a priority!


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