Pixar Has Created Their First LGBTQ+ Film!

By on June 3, 2020
EMERYVILLE, CA – MARCH 07: A sign stands at the main gate to Pixar Animation Studios March 7, 2006 in Emeryville, California. Pixar is expected to show a fourth-quarter profit when they announce the quarterly earnings today after the closing bell. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

On May 22nd, Pixar released their first ever LGBTQ+ short-film, “Out”, on Disney+! 

The film features the first ever openly gay protagonist and his struggle to come out to his parents. Greg, the main character, is in the middle of moving and his partner, Manuel is helping him out. Just as they are reminiscing on a framed photo of the two, Greg’s mom walks in and Manuel has to run and hide. For the rest of the film we watch Greg battle to find the right words and let his family know that he is Gay.

Hunter and Sachar are the animators and producers behind this film. Hunter shares that he struggled with finding something to relate to as a kid. He did not come out until he was 27 so he is happy he was able to produce this and hopefully help children who have the same problem.

You can watch the trailer here.

With it being Pride month, we definitely encourage you to watch this short film with your children and have these conversations with them in a positive way!

Happy Pride Month!

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