Two Toddlers Hugging Is Just What We Need Right Now

By on June 3, 2020

First…click on this link to watch these adorable toddlers greet one another on a New York sidewalk.

Maxwell and Finnegan are two year old toddlers making Facebook smile.

Maxwell and Finnegan are best buddies! Maxwell’s dad, Michael Cisneros, says the boys have been friends for about a year and get excited to see one another every time they meet. When they aren’t together they ask their parents about one another. Dad says the boys are partners in crime and attend a music class together called “Dana Banana” where they love to dance. With all the serious stuff happening in the world right now, Max and Fin are getting a ton of love on Facebook from followers just trying to improve their mood. The boys first gained viral popularity in the fall of last year but with recent events being so heavy and a feature on Good Morning America, Facebook is finding this mood lifting video all over again! You can’t help but smile watching these two hug right before their playdate. Enjoy!