What To Expect When The Gym Reopens

By on May 6, 2020

The one place I had to force myself to visit most days is now the one I miss the most. The gym. As convenient as it is to just roll out of bed, throw down a mat and connect to a workout with your trainer via zoom or FaceTime, it still doesn’t match the intensity and atmosphere of hitting the gym. You just can’t beat being around other people with similar goals helping to motivate you to achieve yours. That…and the eye candy! But really, the rows of elliptical trainers, treadmills, bicycles and weights just can’t be replaced with some stretchy bands and a laptop computer. That’s why I’m sooooo looking forward to the opening of the Bay Area’s fitness centers. But when they do swing their doors wide open once again, things will not be quite the same. Let’s take a look at several ways gyms will be different in the age of Coronavirus.

POWDER SPRINGS, GEORGIA – APRIL 24: Army Vet Valentino Murray cleans a bench before using it at Workout Anytime Powder Springs gym as it reopened on April 24, 2020 in Powder Springs, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
  1. You’ll need to make an appointment. To meet physical distancing requirements, gyms will not be able to have a lot of members in their facilities at the same time. So we’ll have to reserve our workout sessions beforehand. Hopefully your gym will have the option to reserve time on their app or online for convenience.
  2. After each allotted appointment time, the gym will close to be cleaned thoroughly. Some gyms will close after every workout appointment, some will close a few times a day for deep cleaning.
  3. Not all equipment will be available to use. Again, physical distancing. To keep us from getting too close to one another while we’re working out, only some treadmills, ellipticals, etc. will be turned on. Some gyms with the necessary space will place machines 6 to 8 feet apart or move some equipment outside if possible.
  4. You’ll notice a lot of yellow tape on the floor for space definition. If you’re a person that doesn’t like being placed into a box, the gym is not going to be a fun place for you. Those boxes will help us keep our distance while working out.
  5. Locker rooms, showers, spas and saunas may remain closed even if the gym is open. Many gyms are working on how locker rooms and showers can function once again. Ideas like allowing only every third locker or every other shower stall for use could work to keep members safe and still get cleaned up after a sweaty session.
TOKYO, JAPAN – OCTOBER 22: New Zealand soccer players working out with stationary bikes spaced properly for physical distancing. This could be what your gym will look like when it reopens. (Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images)

No firm reopening date has been announced for most gyms and fitness centers doing business in the Bay Area although on it’s website, Fitness SF states it will reopen June 1, 2020. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and ready to reserve an appointment!


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