Help Us Pick The Songs By Gauging Your Favorite Artists!

Here’s your chance to curate the 99.7 NOW playlist by telling us what your feeling! Below are some songs that we feel should be looked at, and also some that our listeners have told us we need to check out.

We partnered with our friends at Gaugr to allow anyone to give us their feedback on the songs in a super easy format.  We’re excited to give you this platform and opportunity to have your opinion be heard.

It’s always dope when YOU get to flex your virtual Aux cord skills!


Nessa Barrett – “I hope ur miserable until ur dead”

The video has almost 8 Million views on YouTube and we’re hearing a lot of people love Nessa Barrett! Let us know how you feel about “I hope ur miserable until ur dead” by gauging below!

Daniyel – “It’s OK”

Born in the 707 (Vallejo) Daniyel is on the cusp of poppin off in a real way! This summer he performed at the Lyrical Lemonade Festival! Gauge his new track below!

Justin Bieber – Ghost

Another single off of Justin Bieber’s “Justice” album! How much are you feeling “Ghost”?

MONSTA X – One Day

Monsta X is back with another single! Bay Area Monbebe, what do you think?

Drake feat. Future “Way 2 Sexy”

Anytime Drake & Future get together it’s a party! This track hit # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 but how do you feel about it?