Cardi B Details NYPD Chokehold Incident: 'I Couldn’t Breathe'

“Out of nowhere a (police officer) put me in a chokehold with my hand on my back like a chicken wing.”

By kmvq on September 28, 2017

By Scott T. Sterling

Cardi B has no time for the NYPD.

After recently tweeting, then deleting, that a New York City police officer placed in her in a chokehold during a traffic altercation, the chart-topping rapper has detailed the incident during a radio interview.

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Cardi B explained that it all started with a case of road rage during a traffic jam that escalated to the point that she got out of her car to confront the other driver, who also got out of his car.

She admits to hitting the other car’s window and throwing a bottle of water at the driver when her cousin (a passenger in Cardi B’s car) got out to confront other driver.

“Out of nowhere a (police officer) put me in a chokehold with my hand on my back like a chicken wing,” she said (via XXL). “And I couldn’t breathe, and I couldn’t believe it because… there’s two men that are about to square up, but you’re so p—- you won’t even hold back the men, you’re gonna put the female in a chokehold.”

The rapper went on to explain why she decided to delete the tweets and not discuss the incident with the cops.

“What bothers me the most is, yes, the police had been calling me, NYPD had been calling me, they want me to talk about it,” she said. “They had went to my family house—and I don’t really wanna make a statement ’cause I ain’t never talk to no (police) before, and even if I did talk, are they gonna even do anything about it? Most likely not, so why would I waste my time?”

“And what I don’t like is, they told my mother if she don’t make a statement, we gonna release a statement,” Cardi B. added. “And it’s just like, okay, more or less. And the statement they drop is, NYPD found no evidence of Cardi B’s claims. And it’s like, how you gon’ find evidence when you don’t know where it happened?”

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