Did Eminem Just Reveal His New Album Title with a Fake Drug Ad?

The rapper is going to great lengths to entertain his fans leading up to his rumored new album.

By kmvq on October 26, 2017

By Scott T. Sterling 

Oh, Eminem.

It looks like the crafty Detroit rapper is having some fun with the roll-out leading up to his new album.

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Eminem’s manager, Paul Rosenberg, posted an image on Instagram promoting the release of Yelawolf’s new album, Trial by Fire, which drops this Friday (Oct. 27). See it below.

In the background of the image, however, is a large billboard promoting a prescription drug called Revival.

Hardcore Eminem fans were quick to spot the backward “E” in the Revival logo, which the rapper has long used in his logo, and quickly began unearthing a host of Eminem-related clues.

An ad for Revival posted in the rapper’s hometown Detroit Free Press newspaper was found to have been purchased by his label, Interscope.

The Revival website is packed with jokes and Eminem references, including the claim that it’s manufactured by “Popsomp Industries,” which fans recognize as the name of the fictitious rehab facility Popsomp Hills that was used in the promotion of his 2009 full-length, Relapse.

A call to the Revival phone number reveals a seemingly innocuous but comical message that can be heard here.

A TV commercial for Revival even ran during a recent episode of SNL.

So is the new Eminem album going to be titled Revival? Signs point to yes, but when it comes to the manic mind of Slim Shady, anything is possible.

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