Dance Studios Get Creative With Holding Classes During Shelter In Place!

By on April 18, 2020
(Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

I still remeber the look on my daughter’s face when I tried to explain why she was going to have to stay home for a while because of the Coronavirus. I had told her that this was NOT a Friday the 13th trick (March 13th was my kids last day at school before the shelter in place order was given). My daughter Addy, who’s a 5th grader looked at me and the first thing out of her mouth was, “What about my Hula class?”

Dance is a HUGE part of our family life. My oldest daughter Malia has been a Hula & Tahitian dancer since she was 4 and a half years old. A few years ago, my youngest daughter Addy joined in on the #DancerLife too and became part of a Halau (Dance studio) in Milpitas for Hula & Tahitian Dance herself. That’s why this shelter in place was going to be hard…. what was going to happen to the dance practices that she LOVES & looks forward to so much?

With tears in my baby girls eyes, she thought her Hula class was done. When would she see her Aunties & Uncles from our Halau? How could she still see her Hula sisters? Before you knew it…. Addy’s Halau announced that classes would still be taking place, but this time, online! Zoom is a lifesaver!! That was the best decision not only for Addy, but for all the girls in the group who were also having to be stuck at home and missing their dance practice classes!

Now, 3 days a week Addy can see her Auntie’s teaching classes, she’s still learning new routines, perfecting dances she’s learned before, brushing up on basics and more. The best part of it all….. having Addy still connect and see our dance family. Being able to have fun with each other online is a beautiful thing to see too. Zoom has been great for not only keeping up with her dancing, but giving her a sense of community and for a few hours a week, there’s a bit of normalcy still going on.

There are many types of dance styles and studios out there. The beauty of that, is that many are posting on IG or Facebook that they are hosting Zoom classes. Even if you don’t belong to a particular group or if you just want to try a class out… you can find many of them online!

I definitely recommend taking a class in any kind of dance genre. It’s not only a great workout, you’ll meet great people who just might turn into family too! Who knows…. you might end up liking it and want to join when people can be together again in dance studios around the Bay and beyond! Some online dance groups and dancers are hosting online classes for a small fee to help with income, which is a great idea!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to dance studios around the Bay and beyond who are still able to connect with your students and families during this crazy time! We appreciate YOU!!


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