POPTOPIA Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got all your POPTOPIA answers …

How Do I Get Tickets?
Buy them, or win them. Listen to 99.7 NOW

Approx. Set Times:
Specific Set Times Coming Soon.

Is there an age restriction?
This is a family-friendly show. Absolutely all Ages Welcomed

Are VIP tickets different than regular tickets?
There are no VIP tickets for POPTOPIA.

How soon will you start giving out Meet-n-Greets?
Dates & Times will vary. Listen to 99.7 NOW for more details.

Can Meet-n-Greets be purchased?

Will all artists on the line-up have Meet-n-Greets?
No, not all artists will be having a Meet-n-Greet.

Why can’t I win tickets if I don’t live in the Bay Area?
By rule, you must reside in one of the 9 counties that make up the Bay Area to win on 99.7 NOW

Do I need to live in California to buy tickets?

Is the floor section general admission or seated?
Reserved Seats.

Is it a normal stage set-up or something different (in the round, catwalks, etc.)?
It’s the perfect stage for POPTOPIA.

What time does the show start and end?
Doors Open at 6 PM. Show Ends by 11 PM.

Is there an age requirement for the show?
POPTOPIA is all ages.

Is VIP like Meet-n-Greet?

Is 99.7 NOW going to give out Meet-n-Greets the DAY OF like last year or is it all on the radio?

How many Meet-n-Greet tix will I get if I win?
All Meet-n-Greets come with two (2) tickets

How many tickets can I buy?
Ticketmaster has an eight (8) ticket limit.

Box Office Numbers
The ticket office can be reached at (408) 287-9200 during business hours.

Box Office Hours
The Box Office is located at the South East corner of the Arena, on the corner of Santa Clara St and Autumn St.
Box Office hours are as follows:
Mon – Fri: 10:00AM – 3:00PM
Saturday & Sunday: Closed unless an event is occurring.
Types of Payment Accepted – The Box Office accepts Cash, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express as methods of payment.

Will Call
Will call is available two hours prior to the start of the event.
Will call is part of the South Ticket Office, on Autumn St near Santa Clara St.
Customers must present the actual credit card used for the purchase, a photo ID, and the Ticketmaster confirmation number in order to receive their tickets.

Is it possible you can make Meet-n-Greet BEFORE the concert?
This has not been determined.

Will there be any VIP seats?

Is POPTOPIA general admission?
No, POPTOPIA is all reserved seating.

Venue Information:
SAP Center at San Jose
525 W Santa Clara
San Jose, CA 95113

Camera & Audio/Video Recorders:
The use of still cameras (film or digital) and video & audio recorders is regulated by the promoter of each event. In many cases, the camera policy is not finalized until the day of the event and is subject to last minute changes. In most cases for concerts, cameras that are considered professional in nature or have a detachable lens are prohibited. Normally, cameras that can fit into a guest’s pocket are allowed. Still cameras (film or digital) are permitted for Sharks games and other professional or amateur sporting events, as long as the lens does not exceed six inches in length. Video cameras are rarely permitted. When cameras are prohibited, guests are encouraged to take them back to their car or check them in at the entrances. Tripods or monopods are also not permitted at any event held at SAP Center at San Jose, as they can cause a tripping hazard in the event of an evacuation.

SAP Center at San Jose has a general “no re-entry” policy during all events. Should a guest of the arena have an emergency or a legitimate purpose to exit and re-enter the building, the guest may obtain proper authorization and have their ticket scanned out. As a rule, only one guest per group is allowed to exit and re-enter.

Signs and Banners:
Handheld signs are allowed at SAP Center at San Jose as long as they are no larger than poster size (20″x30″), do not impair the view of other guests and do not contain vulgar, offensive or graphic content. Banners may be of larger size and may only be hung so as not to damage any SAP Center at San Jose surfaces and not block any SAP Center at San Jose advertising. No sign or banner may be of a commercial nature. Dry erase boards and signs attached to sticks or poles are not permitted. This policy is subject to change based on management discretion.

Infant Tickets:
Any child older than 23 months must have a ticket to enter SAP Center at San Jose. The child must sit on the lap of the parent or guardian without interfering with other guests. Some events, which are geared toward young children, require that children older than 11 months have a ticket as well.

Click here for driving direction, parking, and public transportation info.

General Rules:

SAP Center at San Jose, Silicon Valley Sports & Entertainment, law enforcement agencies and the NHL have announced changes in Security measures for all Guests attending events at SAP Center.
All Guests will be subject to search, which may include the use of Electronic devices, pat downs, and inspections of bags. Only small purses and baby bags will be permitted in the Building. Guests are discouraged from bringing unnecessary items to SAP Center Events.
– Shoes & shirts are required at all times within the building.
– No audio or video recorders are allowed in the arena for any event.
– There is no smoking allowed anywhere inside the arena. There are designated smoking sections provided outside of the arena.

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