1. Let us see if you will catch this sound and win the money (lettuce)
  2. I’m a popular Halloween attraction (corn mazes, corn shell)
  3. A lot of people look forward to March (Spring BREAK)
  4. A secret sound is something you hear, not sea (sea SHELL)
  5. You can find me at Target (taco shells)
  6. I’m a noun and a verb (break)
  7. Why would you do this?!
  8. Some housepets love this (because of the mess and stuff on the floor)
  9. It’s football season! Go 49ers! (Half…time)
  10. 7 NOW always has meet and greets for the biggest artists (meat)
  11. Del Mar is one of the most respected horse racing tracks in America (Del Taco)
  12. There are 50 stars on the US flag. (50%. Half.)
  13. Red means STOP! (Brake, break)
  14. Roads and Avenues. (Street. Street taco)
  15. When I see something I like on social media, I might do this (share)
  16. Mothers Day happens every May. (Cinco de Mayo)
  17. Sleeping bags aren’t the only bags you use on camping trips (tacos in a bag)
  18. Romantic movies make St. John cry (and so do onions)
  19. S will lead the way. (South on a compass)
  20. This is one good way to follow up Monday Night Football (Taco Tuesday)
  21. Sometimes, you need to add dancing to your night (salsa dancing)
  22. When you have a disagreement with someone (you have a beef)
  23. It takes two get this right (two hands)
  24. A lot of people enjoyed being in choir in high school (Bell choir, Taco Bell)
  25. A lot of offices have this (a break room)
  26. Sometimes I get tired and just want to sack out (they come in bags)
  27. An aquatic organism (fish tacos)
  28. A type of driver (truck, food truck tacos)
  29. By now, guessing this should be a snap
  30. I go well with coffee (half and half)
  31. 10-4 is one way that law enforcement responds to radio calls (10/4 is national taco day)
  32. I’m percentage or figure (half)
  33. Dogs love when you do this (because some gets on the floor)
  34. Tupac was a rapper. (They come in wrappers)
  35. Open the package and let’s see what pops out (Jack In The Box)
  36. This is very Humpty-ish (you can’t put it back together)
  37. Windows can be part of the delivery system (drive thru)
  38. Every woman has heard an awful pick up line (cheesy)
  39. I’m something that people take (break)
  40. People like to collect me (shells)
  41. December 31st is when we do this verb (ring in the new year, bell, Taco Bell)
  42. Rachel does not like this sentence (we were on a break)
  43. Today’s weather will be mild, turning to hot
  44. Fashionable people dress in layers (tomatos, cheese, lettuce and then meat)
  45. Monday Night Football always needs a follow up (taco Tuesday)
  46. People go to Tahoe to do this on the slopes (shred, lettuce, cheese)
  47. People do this with lead-based products when they get frustrated (breaking a pencil)
  48. Bands will sometimes play here (a band shell)
  49. When you get pulled over by the police, it might be hard to do this (walk a straight line. You can’t break a taco in a perfect line)
  50. One is never enough (tacos)
  51. Smile for the camera (and say cheese)
  52. You can find me in a school (cafeteria)
  53. Jack was always a very structured thinker (in the box, Jack In The Box)
  54. A hasty decision (snap)
  55. When a relationship goes bad it sours, sour cream)
  56. The top of the crop (cream of the crop, sour cream)
  57. I like to hang with my pack (they sell in packs)
  58. When DJ’s stop to talk (it’s a break)
  59. Fernando falls to pieces during Hallmark movie season. (they shatter)
  60. Going to the gym will turn your muscle from soft to hard.
  61. Reeses…. (pieces)
  62. G…W…R…. (Green, White, Red are the colors of the Mexican flag)
  63. Roads, Avenues, Ways and (street)
  64. Jerry hates it when he runs into traffic on 80 (Jerry RICE was #80)
  65. We give this sound two thumbs up (part of the breaking motion)
  66. Some people get gas from me (Shell gas station)
  67. Upgrade this sound and it would be something supreme
  68. It would be hard to do this with a salad (taco salads would be hard to break in two.)
  69. Michelle My Bell- (Me-SHELL My Bell- Taco Bell)
  70. Let us give them something to talk about (Let us = Lettuce/ Talk About = Taco-bout)
  71. Talk about SHELL Shock (Talk about= Taco-bout/SHELL)