Secret Sound #3 – Clue Insights

SECRET SOUND #3: Dropping Seashells in a Plastic Bucket -CLUES

The Colonel uses me (buckets)

This sound has put a strain on some relationships (some beach buckets have strainers)

Barbie lives it up on weekends. (Aqua, life’s fantastic when you’re plastic)

You might have done this in shop class (sand)

This clue might ruffle some feathers (Ruffles potato chips, like some shells, has ridges)

A ship’s course (bearing, Bering sea)

You might find me at Olive Garden (shells)

When the rain falls short (it’s a drop in the bucket)

Santa might have OCD (he makes a list and checks it twice, bucket)

Thick or thin? (crust, crustacean)

You can get me at Target (buckets)

Grocery stores offer options (paper or plastic)

Ski areas have this (vertical drop)

People love to shop at Fisherman’s Wharf (shell…fish)

To stop something from breaching or leaking (you shore it up)

Birds have the best views (sea birds)

This does half the work of keeping you cool in the summer  (A/C..C…sea)

St. John is cool. He’s accomplished most of his (bucket list)

Some woman love these (love handles, bucket handle)

This can be one way of keeping time (sand in an hour glass)

Amazons were mythical figures (Echo in a shell)

You might find me at a shack (crab shack)

Lots of things you can do with me on Etsy (making stuff from shells)

Phone companies like to do this (collect their bills)

You can get me at Home Depot (buckets)

Kings and Queens are part of a royal hand (and have castles, sand castles)

People who eat fast do this (shovel their food)

Temperature do this in November (drop)

Maybe it’s best to start at the beginning (first guess was sea shells)

I’m like the Wicked Witch (plastic buckets melt)

I played a doctor on TV (shells will house creatures)

I always come home with you (sand, now matter how hard you try to get it off your feet and shoes)

Keep these on the prize (eyes, eye drops)

This was a really dumb operation (Operation Dumbo Drop)

People who love a team (are fans, and shells look like fans)

There are pitfalls to having cookouts (fire pits at the beach)

A must for some frosted beverages (salt on the rim)

Bigger than a six pack (a bucket of beer)

This might hurt your back (bending over to get the shells)

Helped to fight the Great San Francisco Fire (bucket brigade)

Can you imagine if turtles were near-sighted? (tortoise SHELL frames)

You should knit oneself a sweater for winter (knit one, purl two)(pearl)

Day City and South San Francisco are sister cities (Sister Cities is a street that leads to Oyster Point)

This has it’s own aisle at Target (kids/toys)

They use this to gauge balance in construction. (A level, sea level)

Sheila is looking for available retail space in the Sunset (She sells seashells by the seashore)

When a prisoner takes the 5th (they clam up)

Like a good trainer, I will pump you up (shell gas station)

A gauge for rain fall (buckets)

Some people will wear these (shells)

What happens when something is really hot (you drop it)

Sometimes the postal service moves slowly (snail mail)

Maybe we need to frame this clue a little better (sea shells get turned into picture frames)

People come back from vacation with sun burns (and shells)

When you’re out of work (you’re on the beach

The Bay Area still needs rain. What we’ve had has been…. (a drop in the bucket)

You’re getting closer. You just need to put two and two together (seashells + bucket)

It’s way quicker to pay at the pump (with plastic)

Your ice clues are cold but getting warmer (ice becomes water)

You’ll probably see a lot of dogs

A type of peanut (salted in the shell)

Kesha and Hilary Duff have something in common (they’re 34 and guess #34 was the closest sofar)

You might bring this back from Spring Break (sea shells)

The optometrist might do this (eye DROP)

Drawstrings keep you from losing stuff (kids beach buckets come in drawstring bags)

This sound is a tribute to the spirit of female entrepreneurship (she sells seashells)

This is something that you track (sand)

You might cut your foot on me (stepping on a shell)

This is what a realtor will do with your home (list it, bucket list)

Cabs will do this with you (drop you off)

Mops will often come with these (buckets)

There are speciality store that only sell these (sea shells in places like Florida)

Usually a towel accompanies you on these expeditions (beach towel)

You can afford to be choosy (because there are so many to pick from)

Carlton Shore was one of the founding members of the Burlingame Lawn Tennis Association (C.Shore)

I have sometimes been a bikini substitute.

When you ground your boat (you beach it)

In the army they do this with brass (pick up your brass, shells)

Fill me up and then flip me to make something cool (sand castles with buckets)

A strainer helps when making pasta (pasta shells but also most of these kids buckets come with a strainer or sifter)

Look for me at Sunset (Ocean Beach in the Sunset District)

You can decorate me (the shells)

Water levels during a drought (drop)