1. I was a big part of the 49’ers. (Chinese immigrants)
  2. In 2028, 99.7 NOW-FM will be playing (music position) (fortune)
  3. There are more than 28 places to get me in the Bay Area (“28” it’s going to mess with people after the previous clue)
  4. People used to do this in Las Vegas (“pull” slots. You need to pull with both hands to open the seal)
  5. This is how laws are enacted (bills. You get the fortune cookie with your bill)
  6. I come with a boat. (a slip to park in. Fortunes are on slips of paper)
  7. One word: “rules”. (things you break)
  8. Red and white are often my accompanying colors (take out cartons)
  9. People flocked to northern California, seeking this (fortune)
  10. This might happen if you change the wattage in your bulbs (it could dim some)
  11. A style of pork product (chop. Chopsticks)
  12. For Tom, the sky is the limit (Tom Cruise, Vanilla Sky, vanilla is a key ingredient)
  13. There are a lotto clues to sift through to win this sound. (Lotto numbers are often on the slips)
  14. For some people. Mt. Diablo blocks the rising sun (Fortune cookies originated in JAPAN, not China.)
  15. Some people believe that crystals give you magical powers. (Crystal balls)
  16. Today we’re going to teach you a new word: “WIN!” (They sometimes have “new words” on fortune cookies)
  17. People loved me on Victorious (Jade. Found in Chinese restaurants)
  18. There are a lot of delicious dishes that can be made with taro root (tarot CARDS tell the future)
  19. You might do this on a freshly washed floor (slip)
  20. I have a lot in common with oysters (you crack open and there could be a fortune inside)
  21. Some felines are just luckier than others (the lucky cat that you find in a lot of Chinese restaurants)
  22. Kids love these
  23. Lifes fantastic, wrapped in plastic
  24. Gymnasts are told to do this (stick the landing. Chop sticks)
  25. Some people see this as a meat alternative (soy)
  26. A type of drive (thumb. You use your thumbs to pull open the packet and then crack it)
  27. You can get these at Target (I had to Google but yes, you can)
  28. If you fall off your bike but don’t get hurt because you were wearing your helmet, you’re…..  (fortunate)
  29. This is part of a very popular frozen treat (cookies and cream)
  30. Josh made a big mistake (in the movie he asked Zoltar the fortune teller to make him big)
  31. This is a place in New York where you can see lots of live entertainment (Broadway) (Chinatown is bordered by Broadway)
  32. It’s something that rolls around every March (Spring rolls)
  33. This won’t help you with things you need to scratch. (The lotto numbers are not for scratch off games)
  34. Today’s new word to learn: “MONEY”  (the learn a new word thing on the slips)
  35. There were two of these politicians (Bush borders Chinatown on the south)
  36. Sometimes this is included with the bill (given at the end of the meal)
  37. When you have a GREAT alibi (it’s airtight, like the plastic packaging)
  38. Often there’s a metal handle that accompanies me (on the take out carton)
  39. 500 companies can’t be wrong (Fortune 500)
  40. My nickname in grade school was Pac Man (because they look like Pac Man from the side)
  41. If you have a cold, they say that tea helps. (tea always comes with Chinese food)
  42. Why couldn’t the answer have been included with the sound? (On the slip)
  43. If you broke it up, it could sound like a number of songs (four tunes)
  44. Some celebrities have an additional price tag (the cost of fame and fortune)
  45. I’m something that you might delete (cookies)
  46. Something that is done with your fingers (cracking knuckles)
  47. One of the benefits of going to a Red Cross drive. (You get a cookie after donating)
  48. People will hold on to me (save the fortunes)
  49. One of the two most popular ice cream flavors (vanilla)
  50. It’s fun to watch me get built (the fortune cookie place in China Town.)
  51. Some people seek me looking for hope (the fortune.)
  52. A good entrepreneur can do this (Make a fortune)