Secret Sound #4 – Clue Insights


We’re just a couple of days away (Halloween, candy)

Combs need these (teeth, Pop Rocks will rot your teeth)

I have my own machine (soda machine)

Those would be a different kind of clues (Blue….POP Rocks come in blue)

You need this to go on trips (gas, which basically pop rocks are)

Some guys would hear this as a compliment (pop rocks)

Something that you might do on a hot day at the beach (bake. Soda)

Adele had a new song debut (drop)

I’m a term of measurement (cup)

When you try to be sneaky and get out of something (weasel, pop goes the weasel)

Stripes can make you look slimmer (diet soda)

Attractive for the eye (eye candy)

What is bigger than being #1 in San Francisco, or even in the country? (#1 on the planet is their slogan)

This happens if you work outside on a hot day (you get dehydrated, pop rocks are evaporated lactose)

One of Fernando’s things in the break room (microwave pop corn)

You would find this in a lot of kitchens (baking SODA)

I’m a noun and a verb (pop or cup)

A lot of people enjoy traveling by themselves (Solo…cup)

Sometimes Bay Area traffic makes you think you will do this (have your head explode)

People do this on Christmas morning (pop bubble wrap)

Some people love birds (Birdman, The Rock)

Half of a vax (Johnson, Dwayne, the Rock)

It’s sad thing when a popular TV show loses a character (Pops on The Goldbergs died)

Indiana Jones was into these (rocks)