It’s on the Chaperone’s Check List – (Grinding)

No Thanks – (Peanuts at a bar)

A dentist would suggest against it – (Grinding your teeth)

I come in many Variations 

Paying a little more can be convenient (shelled vs- unshelled)

Popular Offering (Peanuts)

Not So Soothing (Grinding Sound)

Not a Water Mister  – (Mr. Peanuts)

Not so nice  – (Grinding)

Work, Work, Work , Work  – (Rihanna’s Work – Grind at work)

Look to the North Bay  – (Nut Tree in Vacaville)
Sometime I can be your buddy – (Nutty Buddy Bars)
CAUTION! – (Peanut Allergies)
A kind of aftertaste – (Nutty, PEACANt)
A sink goes Drip, drip, drip, drip….  – (Drives you nuts)
Something kids and teens do to their parents- (Drive them nuts)
“Home Improvement” was a great show! – (“Tool Time”… Nuts & Bolts)
Not for a the classroom – ( Kids and nut allergies)
I’ve been under the big top –  (Circus Peanuts)
Before you’re a Girl Scout, you’re a brownie- (nuts go into brownies)
Prince said it  – (Let’s go Crazy, Let’s Get Nuts!)
Remember when Cabbage Patch Kids came out- (People went nuts for them)
A type of case – (Nutcase)
Not Flo-Ridas house – (Nuthouse)
The Olympics were last held in Rio – (Brazilian nuts)
A less than positive view of a 9 to 5 job (daily grind)
This might annoying your spouse (grinding your teeth in your sleep)
Do not do this when you’re driving (grind the gears)
A sure sign of stress (grinding teeth)
Some days are just exhausting
For some individuals, it’s a 24 hour thing (daily grind)
The Pickles are proud to announce the wedding of their son (Mr. Pickles sells grinder sandwiches in SFO)
There’s a whole section at grocery stores (meat. Meat grinder)
You wouldn’t want to do this in an Uber
A type of annoying telephone communication (crank. Some grinders are hand cranked)
You’re not going to get through a metal detector with me
If you lose a vowel, you might have an app (Grindr)
A flamboyant TV show wedding planner (“Pepper” on Modern Family. Pepper goes through a grinder
Wesley Snipes has made some pretty cutting edge films
Bay Area traffic will often do this. (grind to a halt)
A segment while washing clothes (spin cycle)
I have a present tense and a past tense. The past is something a landscaper would work with (ground)