Secret Sound #5 – Clue Insights



1. The lottery does this twice a week (draws)
2. When you’re sad (you’re blue)
3. Some people use a straw (when eating a shake)
4. This comes with a ring (boxing)
5. Jaime Foxx. That’s all, Jaime Foxx (got started on “In Living Color”)
6. You might find me at McDonalds (shakes)
7. Two directions. Left and Right (you can write with them)
8. What police do with suspects. (they book them. Coloring books)
9. You do this when you’re driving on the highway (stay within the lines)
10. Bartenders might do this (shake a drink)
11. You might do this with a knife (sharpen it)
12. Ice will do this (melt. Crayons melt)
13. Dorothy has an obsession (rainbows)
14. Ice cream is great on hot days (shakes)
15. You might do this in a Vegas card game (draw a card)
16. Walmart is one of these (box store)
17. The original presentation is very OCD (when you open them up and they’re all perfect lined up)
18. I share something with wicked witches (Crayons melt)
19. I share something in common with a Taco Bell burrito (wrapped in paper)
20. You can eat me but you shouldn’t
21. Jack should really take some time to relax and have fun (crayons get dull)
22. Plums are healthy and some carnations are pink (two colors of crayons)