1. I have my own dance (the pink glove dance. Google it)
  2. Lights require this (on off switch)
  3. Ice T hates when people use this (latex gloves, crime scenes)
  4. There’s never Kleenex when you need them (they pull out of a box like Kleenex)
  5. I’m a homonym (blue, blew)
  6. Generally speaking, you don’t want to see this (a latex glove means you’re in trouble)
  7. This is something that happens with a caper (you pull it off)
  8. Not everything in life needs to be kept on the down low (high five)
  9. Many singles will use Tinder to find dates. (single use)
  10. A spicy and regional style of cuisine (Tex Mex)
  11. You can fly from the Bay Area to Los Angeles in just an hour (LAteX)
  12. Whoever invented the sneeze guard for salad bars should win an award (a protection against germs)
  13. An economic term for rising prices (inflation. These can be blown up)
  14. As you prepare to head home, remember that there’s one more clue today (food prep)
  15. We’re going to milk this sound for all that it’s worth (blown up, they look like an udder)
  16. It can be a difficult time of year for some people (allergy season. Some people are allergic to latex)
  17. You can find me at Walmart
  18. Green doesn’t look good on me (not eco friendly)
  19. A type of clothing in June (surgical. Grad or Wedding)
  20. You’d never want to use me at a work site (those would be work gloves)
  21. You’ve seen me a lot in movies. (a thousand movies)
  22. They do these with used auto parts (pull them)
  23. One suggestion would be to print out all these clues and save them for reference (finger print)
  24. In this case, green does not mean go (not eco friendly)
  25. One way of successfully doing something difficult (pulling it off)
  26. One use of this would be in an office setting (doctors office and it’s a “one use” product)
  27. Some parking spots can be too small (a snug or tight fit)
  28. Dial 0 for some assistance with this sound (operator. People who operate wear these)
  29. This happens when your car is out of alignment (it pulls)
  30. It might take you a bit to get this clue (fit bit. “fits like a glove”)
  31. Restaurants always thoroughly clean their grills and counters at the end of the day (scrub. Doctors where scrubs)
  32. This would be an awful thing to give to a friend (the finger)
  33. There is evidence that this sound could be harder than we thought (CSI. They wear gloves to collect evidence)
  34. Walmart would be an example of a box store (they come in a box)
  35. This is one of the final events in a school year (the final EXAM)
  36. Fernando loves layer cakes. You should send him one (they provide a layer of protection)
  37. Diapers are an example of this kind of product (disposable)
  38. These kinds of donuts can be messy (powdered. Some gloves are powdered)
  39. Tow trucks do this (they PULL cars. Pull on and off)
  40. This is something that comes first at workplaces (safety)
  41. With exact precision (surgical)
  42. Karate is an aggressive form of this (personal protection)
  43. This helps the brakes in your car (fluid. Gloves protect from fluid)
  44. This is nothing to sneeze at (some people are allergic to latex)
  45. Sometimes a foot is involved with this action (stepping on the garbage can to open it up)
  46. Flat earthers need to expand their imagination (the gloves START flat but expand when you stick your hand in them)
  47. We should always honor our vets (veterinarians wear them)
  48. Humidity will make it feel like this (sticky)
  49. Somethings just go together like this (hand in hand)
  50. At places like Disney, it’s always great to be at the front of the line (front line workers wear these)
  51. Disaster preparation should always start with food (food prep)
  52. There have been a rash of close guesses. Could you have the right answer? (rash. Allergic)
  53. When it starts to rain, you might need to come in from outside (inside out)
  54. No matter how hard I try, I always get treated like an old file (thrown in the trash)
  55. Police will ask you to do this on the road (pull over)
  56. Graduates have their own apparel (caps and gowns like in surgery)
  57. This is something that you’ll want to do with your oven (scrub)
  58. I’m a storage unit (thumb drive)
  59. Childrens parties would be boring without these (Balloons are made from latex)