1. Sometimes cars are put here  – (on the rack to get maintenance)
  2. Just let us know when you give up on this sound  – (tap out)
  3. In order for you to guess this sound you’ll need to start small  – (they’re stored in order)
  4. There’s a line for this  – (waiting line)
  5. This is something that they will do with a horse  – (shoe it. Tap shoes)
  6. I’m a noun and a verb  – (hand)
  7. Eventually everyone has their limit  – (weight limit)
  8. You might find me on in restaurants  – (on tap)
  9. If you don’t get this clue, we might have to give it to someone else –  (hand off)
  10. There is actually a difference between British and Australian accents  – (they use the Pound in the UK)
  11. Plans and schemes will often do this  – (come together)
  12. You really don’t want to have this done to you by a doctor  – (spinal tap)
  13. Baseball players will get these  – (a hand after a good play)
  14. This is an app but not the digital kind  – (tapas are appetizers)
  15. People really hate to do this at fast food places  – (wait)
  16. Hair care accessories have remained pretty constant over the years  – (curler)
  17. This can be performance enhancing –  (when you give the band a hand)
  18. Sometimes a cab isn’t available  – (Lyft)
  19. Courts sometimes need to determine if the defendant is able to go to trial –  (are they fit?)
  20. You might ride this in England  – (a lift)
  21. You really hated this nickname in 6th grade –  (dumb bell)
  22. Fernando loves sample day at Costco because of the prices  – (free. Free weights)
  23. The days that this sound has left are numbered  – (the weights are numbered)
  24. Some home/business security companies offer this –  (armed response . Arms)
  25. On a HOT Bay Area Summer day, a beer tastes good.  – (tap beer)
  26. You know what else would go great on a HOT Bay Area summer day? Some ribs on the grill  – (rack of ribs. Weights go in a rack)
  27. This is something that you can do at home if you want
  28. This will turn your frown upside down….just like $5000 would.  – (Exercise is good for depression)
  29. Everything in life has its limit  – (weight limit)
  30. A type of bee  – (freebie. Free weights)
  31. 7 NOW FM is anything BUT a quiet place to work  – (Jim. Gym)
  32. Song And….  – (dance. Tap dance)
  33. Keep these in at Disney  – (arms)
  34. Ride shares can be a fast way to get somewhere –  (lyft, lift)
  35. We might need to scale back on the easiness of these clues  – (you measure weight on a scale)
  36. Before you could train up from San Jose, that could be a pretty brutal commute  – (training, strength training)
  37. When you force your way to the front  – (you muscle your way to the front)
  38. Repetition is the act of repeating yourself. Repetition is the act of repeating yourself. Repetition is the act of repeating yourself.  – (reps)
  39. This is something that you could do at work or at home
  40. Sometimes the FBI will do this –  (tap lines)
  41. This is something the 49ers might do  – (hand off)
  42. Orange may make you pause –  (and wait at a cross walk)
  43. A verb for a sudden forward thrust –  (lunge and sometimes weights are used)
  44. Women have used these to get the right shape upstairs – (curlers)
  45. Polite people return after using
  46. You might see this when getting on a bridge  – (a weight limit sign)
  47. We should all do this with our rights  – (exercise)
  48. Some people like to have a schedule that they live by – (a daily routine)
  49. You might do this before a wedding  – (workout)
  50. Your fingers aren’t the only thing that are divisible by five –  (the weights are in variations of 5 pounds)
  51. What applies to shopping carts, applies to this too  – (return to their rack)
  52. You might get this message when you’re on hold  – (wait time)
  53. With autopitch it doesn’t matter if you have no tone –  (toned)
  54. Fire, School, Hand, Door  – (types of bells. Bar bells and dumb bells)
  55. Construction workers, landscapers and road repair people all do this  – (work out side)
  56. A cheesy kind of line –  (pick up)
  57. IG appropriate – Tap That!
  58. When you’re nervous in class – tap your pencil
  59. Bruno Mars has that 24k Magic
  60. People don’t like playing this game
  61. Is it Libra season yet?- Libra = The scale. Weight
  62. Everything’s gonna be alright – work out
  63. Write down the pros and cons – Weigh out your decision
  64. Dense Dinger = Dumbbell
  65. Useless people  – Deadweight
  66. Always good for a pick me up – Picking up the weights
  67. Different divisions for different people : Weight Classes
  68. J-Lo was doing this in 1999- WAITING for tonight
  69. Wings… not the kind you eat – Wings, Arms, workout your arms
  70. 1 + 1 – two weights
  71. I can be seen with a hammer – (ARM & hammer)
  72. This is something that people will watch and it’s not on Netflix. Yet.  – (weight)
  73. Some players are substitutes or reserves –  (a bench player. People will sit on a bench and do their curls)
  74. A secret tip to solving the secret sound: partner with a friend to help crack the sound. – (workout partners)
  75. You should always be polite and consider the next user  – (clean them off)
  76. If you go out near the Golden Gate, you might hear a fog horn  – (Golden Gate and Foghorn taprooms)
  77. Burns can come in different temperatures (feel the burn)
  78. When you have a pretty set schedule  – (you have a routine. Workout routines)
  79. Some people love this kind of sea food  – (mussels)
  80. You may occasionally break this out  – (break out in a sweat)
  81. Some people may change before and after using me  – (into work out clothes)
  82. Watergate was a dark moment in American history  – (they tapped phones)
  83. The objects of this sound are always kept in a very orderly manner when not being used
  84. James is a very formal person  – (gym)
  85. Like peas & carrots – Forrest Gump reference: “We go TOGETHER like peas & carrots”