SECRET SOUND #8 = Playing with NERDS Candy in a bowl

A term of endearment for someone you love (sugar)

A kind of back and forth movement (swishing)

You can probably find me in a lot of homes this week (leftover Halloween candy)

A great place to go skiing (a bowl)

Sometimes you just need to elevate your game (a bowl game)

Shoes hate me (gum)

When you start to dislike an idea or product (you sour on it)

Your mother always told you this about your food (don’t play with it)

Sometimes you really want to get back at someone (revenge… “Revenge of the Nerds”)

A place where we hope your pet will go (rainbow bridge, rainbow nerds)

People love me in July (watermelon)

What’s shaking? (Sugar shaker, sugar)

Fernando LOVED Dungeons and Dragons when he was growing up (NERD)

When a workforce walks out (strike, bowling)

A great, emotional speech is often described as this (stirring)

Your mom always wanted you to be more like Bill Gates (nerd)

A cave is one form of this (a cavity)

It would be extremely difficult to play most sports without these (hands)

NOT an orthopedists (an orthodontist)

All you need are three fingers (bowling ball)

Ms. Gale sang about this. (Dorothy, rainbow)

Tape on your glasses is never a good look (Nerds)

This could almost be a 99.7 High/Low contest! (lots of little individual pieces)

Cowboys are famous for these tricks (rope, Gummy rope)

The next step of this sound could be kind of annoying (loud chewing)

I’m a type of school (primary, primary colors)

The central valley is famous for this (fruit)

You might not want to leave me in your car in July (melting candy)

I was into computers before it was cool to be into computers. (nerds)

I question everything (IQ)

I taste like a pastry (tart)

Size doesn’t matter. Really (they’re super small)

Some Chinese food is sweet (and sour)

Thanksgiving isn’t the only holiday with leftovers (these are from Halloween)

I can’t wait for movie theaters to re-open (you can buy them at the refreshment stand)

Probably last to get called for dodgeball. (Nerds)

Helps you stay in your lanes while doing laps (ropes, Nerd ropes)

Sometimes people will have their hair colored (dye, Nerds have dye)

Having a couple of kids at home can be a handful (hand full of Nerds)

Your mom heard this sound and texted us, “No! They’ll ruin their appetite!”

Don’t confuse me with the stuff that is bait (Gummy worms)

2013 is not a great memory for 49’ers fans (they lost the Bowl)

Able to leap tall math problems in a single bound! (Nerds)

It’s something your mom might have done with flour (sifting)

Is left, right? (one or both hands)

Who needs coffee as a pick me up (sugar)

There are other kinds of scholarships than athletic (Nerds)

Agates are brightly colored little rocks.

We’re going to spare you any more bad dad joke clues (spare, bowling)

This is not the kind that you swing on (NERDS come in rope form)

Harrison Ford’s best friend (Chewy)

The cruelest cut (bowl cut)

Great investigative reporting requires this (digging)

You can get me at Target. Which, again, really narrows it down.

In 2020, its always good to remind you to wash your hands

I’m a meteorogical event (Rainbow).

Not a traditional parent (sugar…daddy)

I can be found in a group (cluster)

An alley is not somewhere you want to be found after dark (Bowl-ing alley)

When building a house, the crew will sometimes start with the basement (digging)

I used to rule Friday Nights Fam (Steve Urkle from Family Matter…. On the original TGIF Lineup)