1. You’re hearing both a noun and a verb 
  2. You could find me when working out 
  3. Some people are just more talented than others 
  4. Try as you may, I’m impervious to light 
  5. When it’s safe, I’m going to London and traveling around underground 
  6. Every great book has these. 
  7. I’m really surprised you can’t get a Subway sandwich in London.
  8. Is Taylor Swift going to have any new songs coming out? 
  9. An example of poor etiquette 
  10. I’m a homonym 
  11. It’s best on the outside. 
  12. Sometimes hints need to be given
  13. You can get some great food between Geary and Sutter 
  14. There were a lot of alley clues with the last sound 
  15. There’s a saying about things going up 
  16. A type of horse 
  17. If you win, that will be a lot of green 
  18. A sign that you might want to wear a coat 
  19. A medical term 
  20. Cuban cigars are acknowledged as the best in the world 
  21. Dry eyes are especially bad if you have contacts 
  22. Lettuce think back over the week and see if any clues jump out as being the one that solves this sound.