A List Of Some Of The Riskiest Activities After SIP – St. John

By St. John on June 9, 2020
(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

ST. JOHN’S THING TO KNOW: As things begin to open up, there are activities riskier than others.

It looks like basically everything I like to do is on the list so wish me luck!

  1. Going to Class At  A Gym – since most class spaces are small, keeping 6 feet apart will be challenging. Also, due to the amount of equipment everyone touches.
  2. Bars – When you are eating and drinking you aren’t wearing a mask and most bar seating is extremely close to each other.
  3. Large gathering indoors at friends houses – If gathering it is best to do it outdoors, having hand sanitizer available and constantly sanitizing surfaces.
  4.  Amusement Parks – With people going to see the attractions and get on rides, it is a high risk.
  5. Churches  – It is suggested to stick to virtual services if possible.

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