Don’t Forget To Care For Your Car During Shelter In Place! – St. John

By St. John on April 28, 2020
(Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

ST. JOHN’S THING TO KNOW: Ways to care for your car during shelter in place.

It is easy for us to forget about our car while we shelter in place or have switched to just using one car and leaving the other to rest. Here are ways to care for your car so you are not left with a repair bill when the stay at home order is lifted.


  1. Drive your car about once per week to keep the battery from dying. It also keeps the engine from drying out.
  2.  Check your tires frequently. If you don’t drive your car as much due to the weight of the car it can develop flat spots on your tires!
  3. Choose your parking spot wisely – make sure it is safe and try and find a parking with pavement or gravel. Parking long on grass or dirt allows moisture to travel up into your car’s undercarriage, causing rust.
  4. Be careful where you park under. Parking under the wrong tree is a huge no no . If they drip sap say goodbye to your paint job.
  5. Keep a full tank. Helps in case of emergency and it prevents condensation from accumulating inside the tank
  6. Check For rodents or kittens that might have made a home in your vehicle.
  7. Consider  Investing in a good car cover to protect it.
  8. You might be using just one car for your essential travel so don’t forget the other one and keep up its regular maintenance!
  9. Don’t use the parking brake. Not always the case but sometimes Leaving the parking brake on for an extended period of time can cause the brake pads and rotor to stick or fuse together.


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