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By St. John on May 22, 2020
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St. John’s One Thing To Know: Hand Sanitizer Is Flammable But Does Not Explode. 

A post made on the Western Lakes Fire District Facebook Page went viral this week after posting a warning about hand sanitizer exploding if left in hot cars. Along with the warning was a picture of a burned car door that was assumed to be in consequence of a exploded sanitizer.

Now, the Facebook page is apologizing for any confusion about the post and clearing some things up. The Car picture is not actually from hand sanitizer fire damage but It was to illustrate a door fire resulting from contact with open flame.

“Our message was intended to center on preventing fire or injury from the use of hand sanitizer. It also regarded the past history of issues stemming from clear bottles being stored in vehicles. These bottles typically store bottled water or as of late; hand sanitizer. While infrequent, there have been cases in the recent past were reflecting light placed through a clear bottle was able to focus onto a combustible surface and cause a fire.”

Even though hand sanitizer won’t explode you should keep in mind that it is usually over 60% alcohol so is extremely  flammable. It would need an ignition source however, bunt won’t  just spontaneously combust.

So just a heads up to be careful when smoking in your vehicle and if you are going to be doing some grilling this weekend to make sure it is away from he fire.

If you don’t feel too conformable still then it is recommended to just carry it around with you. If you have a big container then just buy smaller containers and fill them up.

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