Jets Will Be Flying Over The Bay Area Wednesday To Honor Front Line Workers!

By Ellen Perez on May 12, 2020
(Photo By Usaf/Getty Images)

ST. JOHN’S THING TO KNOW: You Might Want To Look At The Sky Tomorrow!

Wednesday people from all over California and the BAY will be looking up at the sky. Four California Air National Guard F-15C Eagle fighter jets will soar through the sky in honor of all the medical workers, first responders and essential workers.

Their state wide flight will take about 2.5 hours, kicking off at 10am in Fresno and working their way towards the Bay Area and back.

The jets will be flying past medical centers and hospitals, law enforcement offices, fire stations and government buildings, including the state Capitol. You should still be able to see them from home so it is suggested you practice safe distancing and not gather to witness the flight.

These are the times the fighter jets are expecting to soar :

10:00am – Take Off

10:05am – Reedley/ Selma

10:11am – Madera

10:16am – Merced

10:31am – Sacramento

10:43am – Richmond/ Oakland

10:56am – San Jose

11:02am – Monterey

11:45am- Los Angeles

11:56am- Return To Fresno

12:21pm- Fresno/ Clovis

(Times are Within a 10 minute window)



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