New Website Launched For Volunteers In California To Help During The Pandemic

By St. John on April 21, 2020
(Photo by Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images)

St. John’s Thing To Know: If you are able to Volunteer A New Website Has Launched!

A New Website launched today to help Californians who are looking to get more involved with their community.

Residents who are healthy and not experiencing any symptoms can register and get paired up with the different state agencies, local governments, and nonprofits throughout California.

During his announcement Governor Newsom said that food banks across the state have lost 70%t of their volunteers due to the pandemic. He is encouraging any one who is able to do so to step up and help in whatever way they can.

On the website “Californians All” they are looking for volunteers who can help at shelters, food banks, calling seniors, tutoring, making masks and a few other services.

To get involved go to



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