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By St. John on June 4, 2020
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ST. JOHN’S ONE THING: Resources to help you talk to your kids.

Kids watching the news or on social media right now might not know how to break down and sort out their feelings about the present world. They just see the emotions coming from their parents and adults but not know why this is all happening.

The reality is that for many parents, they don’t know how to begin such an important conversation. Educating yourself with our current state, history and knowing how to translate it to a way your child will understand.

Not all kids learn and think the same so as a parent learning strategies on how to teach them about race, equality and Abuse of Power is important.

Here is a list of resources to help you find articles, tips and examples of not only how to check on your kids emotional state but educate them and yourselves as needed.


“We may be uncomfortable talking about race, but we can no longer afford to be silent. We have chosen a profession that—like parenting—requires us to put our comforts second to those of children.”

The site rounds up stories from psychologists and psychiatrists to help parents learn about parenting and ways to talk to them about Tolerance.



Gives you easy to talk to your children about racial bias and how parents can confront their own racial bias.

Scholastic is providing stories and ways to role play with your younger kids ( Pre school and Kindergarten) on diversity and tolerance. They also give ideas on ways you can use things your child already likes…like games, books or music to introduce other cultures to them.


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You can follow on IG @theconsciouskid is an educational non-profit to help parents understand and navigate the dilemmas of race, equity and education.


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